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Short term mission toolkit: Connect

National contacts

Equipping for Mission Involvement (EMI) is the Presbyterian World Mission program that provides resources for short-term mission trip planning and leadership. We hope the resources in this toolkit help you and your mission partners join together to see yourselves with new eyes as, together, you cross cultural and spiritual borders. When you return home, we hope this toolkit will help you discover new ways to continue the growth you experienced on your trip.

EMI staff contacts (Call 800-728-7228 and add the extension provided below):

International contacts

Mission co-workers serving as partnership facilitators

Interested in planning an international mission trip, but don’t know where to start? Want to establish a long-term mission partnership, but would like some guidance? Many of our mission co-workers serve as partnership facilitators, helping to connect U.S. Presbyterians with global partners and sites around the world. They may be able to help you as you begin this mission journey!

Where applicable, we’ve included partner site information for your convenience.

Africa | Asia | Europe and Central Asia | Latin America and the Caribbean | Middle East



Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Equatorial Guinea

Contact: Jeff Boyd —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Jeff’s ministry

Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Sudan

Contact: Lynn and Sharon Kandel —;
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Lynn and Sharon’s ministry

Ghana, Niger, Nigeria and Togo

Contact: Josh Heikkila —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Josh’s ministry

Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe

Contact: Doug Tilton —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Doug’s ministry

Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, and Zambia

Contact: Paula Cooper —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Paula’s ministry

Partner site highlight: CCAP Zambia Education Department
Minimum number in group: 10
Maximum number in group: 15
Minimum age required for volunteer: 15 years old
CCAP Zambia Education Department personnel are experienced in all aspects of arranging a work trip, including local transportation, meals and accommodations. Many school construction sites are in rural areas. Groups will be assisted by CCAP Zambia Education Department personnel to establish a “campsite” at the construction location — perhaps using existing school structures for sleeping areas and dining areas. Cooking will be done outside. A cook, cooking equipment and food supplies can be provided by the CCAP Zambia Department of Education. Work will be done with assistance from people in the local community. There will be opportunities for Bible studies and worship with community members, for arranging children’s programs, for cultural exchanges, and for evening campfires with singing and story-telling. CCAP Zambia Department of Education personnel will work with group leaders before the trip to define the objectives of the trip, the scope of work and the level of accommodation the group desires.


China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

Contact: Choon and Yen Hee Lim —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Choon and Yen’s ministry

The Philippines

Contact: Cathy Chang and Juan Lopez —
Ministry focus: Addressing issues of migration and human trafficking
Read about Cathy and Juan’s ministry

Contact: Cobbie and Dessa Palm —
Ministry focus: Mission facilitator, evangelism, advocacy
Read about Cobbie and Dessa’s ministry

South Asia

Contact: Gary and Marlene Van Brocklin —,
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Gary and Marlene’s ministry

South Korea

Contact: Kurt Esslinger and Hyeyoung Lee —
Ministry focus: Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program
Read about Kurt and Hyeyoung’s ministry


Contact: Esther Wakeman —  
Ministry focus: Spiritual guidance
Read about Esther’s ministry

Contact: Sharon Bryant —  
Ministry focus: Coordinator of Christian Volunteers Thailand (CVT) program
Read about Sharon’s ministry


Contact: John McCall —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about John’s ministry

Contact: Jonathan and Emily Seitz — 
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Jonathan and Emily’s ministry


Eastern Europe

Contact: Ellen Smith —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Ellen’s ministry

Western and Central Europe

Contact: Burkhard Paetzold —
Ministry focus: Partnership and migrant and Roma ministries
Read about Burkhard’s ministry


Colombia and Venezuela

Contact: Sarah Henken —
Ministry Focus: Partnership
Read about Sarah’s ministry

Costa Rica

Contact: Karla Koll —
Ministry Focus:
Read about Karla’s ministry

Caribbean region

Contact: Jo Ella Holman —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Jo Ella’s ministry 


Partner site highlight: The Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA)
Contact:  Nancy Carrera –
Minimum number in group: 7
Maximum number in group: 35 suggested, but negotiable
Minimum age required for volunteer: 14 years old preferred
CEDEPCA is an educational institution that contributes to the transformation of lives and contexts by providing training and accompaniment, and by offering spaces for reflection to women and men from diverse Christian traditions, communities and contexts. Intercultural Encounters is a program that designs and facilitates experiences of encounter, reflection, dialogue and mutual service between people of the United States and Canada with Central American communities in search of a more just, tolerant and equitable world.


Contact: Cindy Corell —
Ministry focus: Joining Hands Against Hunger
Read about Cindy’s ministry


Contact: Dori Hjalmarson —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Dori’s ministry


Contact:  Jhanderys Dotel-Vellenga and Ian Vellenga —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Jhanderys’ and Ian’s ministry

Partner site highlight: CEPAD
Minimum number in group: 7 (fewer permitted for exploratory trips)
Maximum number in group: 18
Minimum age required for volunteer: 13 years old
CEPAD trains communities to organize, write project proposals and learn how to solve their own challenges. It also focuses on agriculture, helping to ensure sufficient food and a healthy diet. Groups focus their time on forging friendships and working together with Nicaraguans to help the needs of the community.


Contact: Chenoa Stock —
Ministry Focus: Partnership
Read about Chenoa’s ministry

Contact: Jed Koball —     
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read more about Jed’s ministry

South America

Contact: Dennis Smith —
Ministry Focus: Partnership
Read more about Dennis’ ministry

Partner site highlight: Frontera de Cristo (Border Ministry)
Minimum number in group: 1
Maximum number in group: 15
Minimum age required for volunteer: Frontera de Cristo can adapt an itinerary that meets the needs of delegations with members of various ages. They have had families with children, high school students and senior citizens visit their border ministry.

U.S.–Mexico Border

Contact: Leslie Vogel —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read more about Leslie’s ministry

Contact: Mark Adams and Miriam Maldonado Escobar —
Ministry focus: Frontera de Cristo
Read more about Mark and Miriam’s ministry


Middle East

Contact: Elmarie Parker —
Ministry focus: Partnership
Read about Elmarie’s ministry

Contact: Doug Dicks —
Ministry focus: Partnership and education for justice and peace in Israel and Palestine
Read about Doug’s ministry