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Short-term mission trips toolkit

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way congregations and presbyteries are participating in mission. Before you plan your next mission or service trip, consider whether or not you should go during the pandemic. Click here for a few guiding questions about summer trips and some alternatives to consider.
Check out this post by Brittany Porch on the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) website: Rethinking Summer Mission Activity: The Mission Un-Trip

A short-term mission trip, with good planning and leadership, can be an engaging and meaningful experience, with mutual benefit to the people who go and to the people receiving the group. Participation in a mission trip offers you and your church group a chance to share your time and talents with mission partners from other cultures and realities. Through the trip you learn from each other and worship and serve God together.

When preparing for a short-term mission experience, it is vital to approach the trip with open hands and hearts, realizing that God is already present in the place you are going.

Who’s this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for short-term mission and study tour leaders seeking resources for discerning whether to go, where to go and how to prepare for and guide a group.

How to use this toolkit