Students at Alma College, Alma, Michigan

Students at Alma College, Alma, Michigan

As part of our mission, we have several programs that assist people and congregations.

Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People
Self-Development of People provides grants to those living in poverty to help improve their lives. More information can be found here.

Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries
Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries provides grants to newly established congregations. Congregations can apply for grants for the first year of ministry and beyond at varying amounts. You can find those grants, called Mission Program Grants, here. These grants are also part of our 1001 New Worshiping Communities movement.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance provides grants in connection with disaster recovery ministry.

Financial Aid for Service
Loans, grants and scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students at Presbyterian (U.S.A.)-affiliated colleges and seminary students. Also explore ways in which the Presbyterian Mission Agency is reducing financial barriers to service for undergraduates, seminary students, and volunteers in mission, and pastors with educational debt.

Presbyterian Women
Presbyterian Women issues grants for programs and projects through the Thank Offering and Birthday Offering. The Birthday Offering primarily funds capital improvement projects to 1–2 agencies a year whereas the Thank Offering funds 25–30 smaller new or expanded projects or small capital improvement projects a year. Presbyterian Women also gives grants to individual women who are active in the PC(USA) who wish to participate in the work of Presbyterian Women for personal leadership development.

Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program
The Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program, Inc. (PILP) is a nonprofit corporation of PC(USA) created to provide low-cost loans to congregations, governing bodies and related entities of PC(USA). The Program offers Presbyterian investors — members, pastors, churches and other governing bodies — an opportunity to support the growth of the church through investing.
The Board of Directors of the Presbyterian Mission Agency is charged with determining our organization’s mission and purpose. The Board’s other broad purposes are to engage in effective planning; monitor and strengthen programs and services; secure adequate financial resources; protect assets and provide proper financial oversight; ensure legal and ethical integrity; enhance the Mission Agency’s public standing; and select, support and evaluate the executive director. Most of the Board is elected.

Day-to-day operations are entrusted to the Presbyterian Mission Agency Executive Staff, which consists of the executive director and the agency’s top leaders.

Our Organizational Structure

Executive Staff



Tony De La Rosa

Interim Executive Director
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY



Barry Creech

Director of Policy, Administration and Board Support
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY



Kathy Francis

Senior Director of Communications
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY



Chip Hardwick

Director, Theology, Formation & Evangelism
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY



Rhashell Hunter

Director, Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY



Sara Lisherness

Director, Compassion, Peace & Justice
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY



Rosemary Mitchell

Director of Mission Engagement and Support
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY

Earline Williams

Deputy Executive Director of Shared Services
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY


Board of Directors

Kenneth Godshall


Marsha Zell Anson

Vice Chair

Denise Anderson

Co-Moderator, 222nd General Assembly (2016)

Jan Edmiston

Co-Moderator, 222nd General Assembly (2016)

Elected Board Members

Marsha Zell Anson (Vice Chair), Polson, MT

Mary C. (Molly) Baskin, Wilmette, IL

Mark S. Brainerd, Greensboro, NC

ArnDolfo (Bong) Bringas, La Crescenta, CA

Gregory L. Chan, Oakland, CA

Jason Chavez, Christiansburg, VA

Cecil E. Corbett, Lapwai, ID

James R. Ephraim Jr., Birmingham, AL

David E. Ezekiel, Bartlett, IL

Thomas O. Fleming Jr., Los Angeles, CA

Marci Auld Glass, Boise, ID

Kenneth Godshall (Chair), Princeton, KY

Lindsay Harren-Lewis, Allentown, PA

Sinthia Hernandez-Diaz, Miami, FL

Chad A. Herring, Kansas City, MO

Jeffrey C. Joe, Idaho Falls, ID

Warren Lesane, Richmond, VA

Chip Low, Yorktown Heights, NY

Kathy Maurer, Saginaw, MI

Regina Meester, Louisville, KY

Joseph L. Morrow, Chicago, IL

Susan H. Osoinach, Wichita Falls, TX

James Parks, Baltimore, MD

Nancy J. Ramsay, Fort Worth, TX

Alice L. Ridgill, Greenwood, SC

Conrad Rocha, Albuquerque, NM

Melinda Lawrence Sanders, Nashville, TN

David W. Shinn, Livonia, MI

Patsy R. Smith, Oklahoma City, OK

Wendy Tajima, Pasadena, CA

Kathy M. Terpstra, Brooten, MN

Brenton Thompson, Phoenixville, PA

Shannan Vance-Ocampo, Troy, NY

Tamara Williams, Charloote, NC

K. Nicholas Yoda, Cincinnati, OH

Ex Officio Members

Marvin Brangan, Norfolk, VA

Jan Edmiston, Flossmoor, IL

Heath K. Rada, Montreat, NC

Carol Winkler, Dayton, OH

Ecumenical Advisory Members

James (Doc) Fouther, Denver, CO

Vicki Garber, Union, KY

At Large Members

Steve Asher (Audit), Alpena, MI

Ellen Pearre Cason (Audit), New York, NY

John Hinkle (Finance), Montreat, NC

Raul Santiago-Rivera (Finance), Caguas, PR

Corresponding Members

John W. Hamm, Chair, Board of Pensions

Jesse Hite, Chair, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Margaret H. (Maggie) Jorgensen, Chair, Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program

Stephen Kelly, Chair, Presbyterian Foundation

Wilson M. Kennedy, Committee on the Office of the General Assembly

Marc Lewis, President, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Buddy Monohan, Native American Representative to the Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns

J. Herbert Nelson II, Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Office of the General Assembly

James G. Rissler, President, Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program

Ray Roberts Sr., Chair, Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy

Frank C. Spencer, President, Board of Pensions

Thomas F. Taylor, President and CEO, Presbyterian Foundation

Floretta (Flo) Watkins, Chair, Advocacy Committee for Women’s Concerns