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Jose Luis Casal, Director World Mission

Presbyterians do mission in partnership. We believe that doing mission in partnership broadens our awareness of how interconnectional God’s mission is at the local, national and global levels. The one table around which we gather is God’s table and the one mission to which we are called is God’s mission.

In more than 50 countries around the world, we partner with local churches and faith communities bound by our fundamental unity in our Lord Jesus, bringing together U.S. congregations and mid-councils with our brother and sisters in Christ around the world.

True mission partnership does not focus on giving and getting, but on building relationships, learning from one another and walking together in faith and friendship. In nearly every country we have found areas of similar challenges and ways to create collaborative solutions. We are learning the strengths of each other’s systems so that together we can build the body of Christ in both places.

From the neighborhood to the world, our joint mission of cross-cultural service is always, changing, growing and evolving. We will continue to nurture those partnerships in ways that result in maximum collective impact.

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Turn to the Living God-Arabic

. كان واحداً من القرارات الهامة لهذا المحفل هو تبني كتاب ، التوجه نحو الله، دعوة للكرازة  علي طريق الرب يسوع المسيح، وهو بيان يوضح إلتزامنا بالكرازة للعالم. من فضلك حمل الملف المرفق وهو طبعة إحتفال مرور ٢٥ سنة علي صدور هذه الوثيقة الهامة، وأستمتع بقرائتها حتى تنتعش وتتجدد نفوسنا وننطلق للوصول للكثيرين كما فعل… Read more »

Turn to the Living God-Korean-자료 세부사항

203차 총회(1991)는 교회의 삶에서 복음 전도가 계속 강조되도록 했다. 총회가 취한 행동 중 하나는 살아계신 하나님을 향하여: 예수 그리스도가 하신 복음 전도의 초대의 채택이었다. 이는 글로벌 복음화에 대한 우리의 공약을 분명히 밝히는 진술이다. 이 중요한 문서의 25주년 기념판을 다운로드하고 예수님처럼 사람들에게 다가가고자 갱신하는 영감을 얻어야 한다.
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