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Minute for Mission: Thursdays in Black


February 10, 2022

Every Thursday, I try to wear black to stand in solidarity with my siblings who are experiencing violence. Some days I forget, but working from home gives me the opportunity to correct it. But those who experience violence can’t forget, because they live with the trauma of it every day. What if we, in our daily lives, loved others like God in Christ loves them? Would we turn a blind eye to the violence and injustice we know is happening around us? What if we lived in a world that did not tolerate violence? What if the church stood as a voice against violence?

Thursdays in Black is a global movement for a world without rape and violence. It began as a result of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women from 1988–98. Wearing black in this campaign is used as a color of resistance and resilience, rather than the historical negative connotations we have been taught.

Last year, WCC produced a Thursdays in Black Bible Study Series to help individuals and congregations reflect on sexual and gender-based violence. The reflections are designed to help us listen to the word of God and to discern how to apply our faith and vision of justice, peace and love to the ever-increasing violent world we live in.

It is our work to make more visible the tragic reality of violence and to facilitate alternative ways to handle life’s circumstances. This study series and other resources are available to you.

Resources and stories that highlight this important work can be found here.

As we participate in this work together, let us make the Thursdays in Black Pledge:
I commit to Thursdays in Black.
In solidarity, in protest, in mourning, for awareness and in hope
By supporting Thursdays in Black, I stand:
– In solidarity with 1 in 3 women worldwide who face violence in their lives
– In protest against systems and societies that encourage violence in any form
– In mourning for men, women and children who are harmed and killed in sexual violence
– For awareness and knowledge about the challenges of sexual and gender-based violence
– In the hope that a different reality is possible.

Dianna Wright, Director of Ecumenical Relations, Office of the General Assembly

Today’s Focus: Thursdays in Black

Let us join in prayer for:

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Hyo Jin Kang, Senior Administrative Assistant, Asian & Korean Intercultural Congregational Support Offices, Presbyterian Mission Agency
So Jung Kim, Associate, Theology, Theology & Worship, Presbyterian Mission Agency

Let us pray

Loving God, pour out your love and compassion upon us, that by the power of your spirit, we may bring an end to the violence and hatred we bring to bear on each other. Amen.