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Partnerships are initiated by applications to the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) and are evaluated using SDOP’s funding criteria and overarching SDOP program measures.

There are no deadlines. The review process might take up to 6 months.
SDOP glossary of terms

SDOP Glossary of Terms (Spanish)

National Pre-Applications (Not required)

If a group wishes, it may fill out this pre-application before taking time to complete the full version of the grant application. If your group submits a pre-application, we will review it and discuss with you by phone or email whether to proceed with completing the grant application.

E-mail: or 1-800-728-7228 ext. 5792.


National Applications (Required)


Use the template provided, save a copy of the word document and email it to If your group submits the complete National application, we can still review it and discuss it by phone or email. Phone 502-569-5781.

Required Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation from established community leaders and/or established organizations to demonstrate the group’s work experience are required with each application (i.e. local government persons, persons at Community Foundations, Pastors, Bank representatives, local church, United Way, Salvation Army, a well-established community organization, etc.). The letters must be on letterhead.

SDOP Application rev (English, Word doc)
SDOP Application rev (English, PDF)
SDOP Application rev (Spanish doc)
SDOP Application rev (Spanish PDF)


You may send national applications:

International Applications—Belize and Panama only

NOTE: Due to changes in our funding focus we are only accepting international applications from groups in Belize and Panama.

Mid Council (Presbytery and Synods) Applications

To download the Mid Council local SDOP Committees application (Presbytery and Synod) and to find which Mid Council local SDOP Committees to submit your application Click here

More about our partnerships

The Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) is prepared to establish partnerships with groups in the United States who:

  • are oppressed by poverty and social systems,
  • want to take charge of their own lives,
  • have organized or are organizing to do something about their own conditions,
  • have decided that what they are going to do will produce long term changes for their lives or communities,
  • utilize some combination of the SDOP core strategies to promote justice, build solidarity, advance human dignity, advocate for economic equity,
  • will control the programs they own and will benefit from them directly.

Partnerships are initiated by applications to the Self-Development of People Committee and are evaluated using Self-Development’s funding criteria and overarching SDOP program measures.

If you have received a grant from SDOP, please see the required documents page to see what documents you’ll need to submit for the payment.

Reports are not required to release the first payment. You will be notified when reports are due.

You may send grant applications:

  •  Or by post office to:

Self-Development of People
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202