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Funded partnership grants

Lists of past grants:
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Title: The Struggle is Real – Rural Poverty

Description: In this edition of “The Struggle is Real” webinar series from the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People, community partners, committee members and staff discuss the many unique challenges faced by people living in poverty in rural areas. Panelists also share best practices on the topic of alleviating rural poverty from their specific rural contexts.

Title: The Struggle is Real: A webinar series featuring a dialogue & listening forum with church and community leaders on the intersection of poverty and social/economic justice issues.

The discussion in the videos focuses on:

    • Poverty and how it intersects with varied social and economic justice issues including immigration (in the 1st video and mass incarceration in the 2nd video) and how churches can take intentional action to step outside their walls to form relationships and live out loving their neighbors.
    • Best practices about relationship building and developing partnerships with immigrant communities.
    • Presence and activism, exploring & learning ways to take concrete actions to eradicate poverty

Description: This video features a discussion by church and community leaders on the intersection of poverty and immigration and how the church can understand ways to listen, engage and form relationships with immigrant communities. Click here for Panelist details.

Description: This video features church and community leaders and those that have been formerly incarcerated. Panelists also discuss how the church can understand ways to listen, engage and form relationships with residents that have been formerly incarcerated (returning citizens). Click here for Panelist details.

Title: Pacific Presbytery SDOP Committee – COVID-19

Description: SDOP has awarded grants to support partners responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. This video shares some of the work supported in the Los Angeles area through grants awarded by Pacific Presbytery SDOP Committee.

Title: Mid-Ohio Workers Association

Description: The Presbytery of Scioto Valley Self-Development of People Committee awarded a grant to The Mid-Ohio Workers Association received $4,999.00 for outreach to the Hispanic community. Here is their “Thank you” video.

Title: Community Grant Webinar

Description: Watch this grant webinar with Baltimore grassroots groups to learn about the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) program. The video covers
SDOP’s grant application process, funding criteria and frequently asked questions. Also featured are community partners that have previously been awarded a SDOP grant sharing about their projects. Presenters are Karen Brown, Chair for National SDOP and Margaret Mwale, Associate for Community Development and Constituent Relations. Community grant webinars continue to be held via Zoom during this time of the Pandemic. If interested in participating in a future webinar email or Participation in a webinar is not required for potential SDOP grant applicant groups. (Are you a member of a group of low-income persons working on issues of importance to you and your community, will working on these issues result in long-term positive change? Are you in need of financial assistance? More information is at ( or contact SDOP at 1-888-728-7228 Ext. 5781/5782/5790/5792. We would welcome talking with you and possibly hosting a community grant webinar for groups in your area).

SDOP – Baltimore Community Grant Webinar from Presbyterian Mission Agency on Vimeo.

Title: Re-Certification Training for Mid Council (local) SDOP Committees

Description: The training in this video is for existing mid council (local) SDOP Committees seeking to be re-certified so as to continue to fund projects within the boundaries of their Presbytery or Synod. Re-Certification training continues to be held via Zoom during this time of the Pandemic. Interested in starting a local SDOP Committee? Email or with any questions.

Mid Council SDOP Committee Certification Training Webinar from Presbyterian Mission Agency on Vimeo.

Title: Farmworkers in the Pandemic: essentially disposable

Description: Arguably the most essential people–those who grow and harvest the country’s food–are being brutalized by the coronavirus, discrimination and scapegoating. Called ‘essential’ yet they are treated like they are disposable. Watch this video of Presbyterian Committee on Self-Development of People, Presbyterian Hunger Program and three farmerworker leaders from partner groups. Panelists include: Kathia Ramirez, Farmworker Support Committee-CATA; Antonio Tovar, Farmworkers Association of Florida; Erik Nicholson, United Farm Workers. Learn about their situation, community organizing, and how we can support them.

Title: Fair & Affordable Housing For All

Description: Watch this webinar on fair and affordable housing for all hosted by Presbyterian Committee on Self-Development of People (SDOP) in collaboration with Metropolitan Housing Coalition. SDOP through its community partners is engaged in housing justice issues. The housing needs of underserved communities nationwide have been adversely impacted by COVID-19. Panelists included Ben Carter from the Kentucky Equal Justice Center; Stuart Pope from Legal Aid Society of Louisville; Art Crosby from the Lexington Fair Housing Council and Donnie Adkins a Landlord/Property Owner. SDOP Coordinator Rev. Dr. Alonzo Johnson moderated the panel which discussed these issues:

– The Eviction Moratorium.
– Can I still be evicted? Non-payment and other than non-payment evictions
– Eviction Court- What if you do get a summons?
– What if I cannot pay my rent? Rent is not cancelled How to work with a landlord.
– What if I cannot pay utilities? There is currently an moratorium by LG&E and Water Co.
– What if there are problems with conditions in the unit? How does a landlord make repairs without income.
– Discrimination