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Required documents if funded

All items requested must reflect the same group name (NO INDIVIDUALS) and same address.

  • Please complete the check list form and send it with the required documents.
  • Documentation from your bank (on the bank’s letterhead or affixed with its stamp) that reflects:
    • Account in the name of the group (if not, please explain why?)
    • Account number
    • Two signatories are REQUIRED to draw from the account. If the bank doesn’t provide this statement then the group should provide us with a statement acknowledging this requirement and the names of the signatories. (The signatories cannot be from the same family).
  • W-9 Form: You must complete and return the Taxpayer Identification form in the name of the group. NO INDIVIDUALS
  • Fiscal agent: In the rare case that you need to channel the funds using another organization all the above items are required from the fiscal agent. (Please explain why you need a fiscal agent?). No administrative fees to be paid with SDOP funds. Call the SDOP office for additional requirements when using a fiscal agent at 1-888-728-7228 ext 5781.
  • If there have been changes in the decision makers (governing board), please complete the decision makers (governing board) form.
  • Method of Payment – Choose one:
    • CHECK: Our accounting department’s processing time is usually fifteen working days.
    • DIRECT DEPOSIT: Please complete the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits form and attach an original voided check. Direct deposits are processed only on Wednesday and funds are credited to the account on Friday. Our accounting department’s processing time is usually fifteen working days.
  • The group has 3 months from the date in the funding letter to submit the requested documentation, if not the grant may be RESCINDED. Half of the final payment will be held until the final progress report is received. If the final progress report isn’t received within 3 months the remainder of the grant will be RESCINDED.
  • If there are changes in your address, decision makers (governing board), contact person, bank information during the course of funding our office must be notified in writing. Changes in the budget need to be approved by the Regional Task Force.

Please download the required documents below. 

SDOP Required documents if funded

SDOP grant agreement


Direct Deposit Authorization form

W-9 Form

Documentos requeridos en Español


SDOP required_documents (Spanish)

Governing Board form (spanish)