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Creating a Pentecost welcome

The message of Pentecost is that the Holy Spirit can help you lead your church to be more inclusive and welcoming to all people.

What I’ve learned in seven decades

What have I learned? An approaching birthday, one that ends in zero, has me thinking, not so much about academic knowledge, but more about the life experience sort of learning. The kind of observation-based wisdom I find in the book of Proverbs. The kind of practical stuff I might pass on to a grandchild or share with a friend. So I made a list. And here’s a sampling:

One Great Hour of Sharing

Gifts to this annual PC(USA) special offering support programs and ministries that provide people with safety, sustenance and support.

Prayers for peace are blowing in the wind

A biting March wind blows, but that doesn’t stop a member of Northbrook Presbyterian Church in Beverly Hills, Michigan, from taking off her gloves and quickly tying her prayer ribbon to a tree on the church property. Her prayer is for peace, for wholeness, for healing of not just the local community, but for the world. She ties the ribbon securely to the limb and steps back, the patches of lingering snow crunching beneath her feet, and smiles. Hers is not the only ribbon fluttering in the wind, but one of many placed by church members who are also spending this Lenten season journeying toward shalom.

Caring for creation

There are 12 simple ways that congregations of any size can take to practice better environmental stewardship.

Preparing for the last goodbye

More congregations are learning about ways to prepare for death and dying — spiritually, practically, financially and emotionally.

Creating an Easter Scripture basket

Instead of an ordinary basket with eggs and chocolates, one pastor created a basket with candies and Bible verses to tell the Easter story.

When physical touch is impossible

A Virginia congregation created handprint stoles as a way to virtually lay on hands on newly installed elders and deacons.