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Presbyterians Today

Race, faith and climate change

Black, Indigenous and Latinx people are heavily impacted by environmental injustice, and faith demands that we act.

Word rocks share the faith

A church member painted rocks with words of faith and inspiration and hid them out in public for people to find and enjoy.

Prayer shawls, chips and chocolate

A congregation makes grief relief kits with prayer shawls, treats and mementos to comfort church members who suffered a loss.

Resurrection as the announcement of a new administration

The disciples are in a daze because it’s not every day a friend whom you saw violently crucified, dead, and buried a few days ago is standing before you, chewing broiled fish and chatting like it’s just another lunch.

The power of the Spirit wind

The Holy Spirit is blowing powerfully in our lives and inviting us to trust and not be afraid of where and how God is leading us.

Youth ministry in the marketplace

A church-based nonprofit helps youth from various backgrounds gain life and job skills through training, coaching and mentoring.