Presbyterians Today

Make America compassionate

It is time for the followers of Jesus Christ to respond passionately with a call to make America compassionate and just.

A call for dignity and respect in politics

Especially during this election year, there is a great need for civil, respectful and loving discourse in political debate and discussions.

Who among you are lonely?

In this time of social distancing, loneliness has taken on a new level of intensity, especially for people who thrived on their church’s social connections.

Churches take on racial injustice

Making long-lasting change to nullify racism, we must change our culture, build relationships with people who are different, and foster mutual respect.

Church is where God’s family gathers

While the apocalyptic genre might seem relatable in some ways during these times we’re living in, the characters I have found myself relating to most during the pandemic are those found in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s account of life in 19th century America that she writes about in “Little House on the Prairie.” Letting out the hem of last year’s dress to make do for a growing child totally makes sense now. Who needs new clothes when you never leave home? Sitting around the fire at night for a sing-along with Pa while Ma does the mending? And then there’s Sundays.

Is healing at the core of our congregations?

As a seminary student I heard a constant refrain from our professors: Jesus came to preach and teach. It was the pretext underlying our whole seminary education as they trained us to preach and teach.