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Presbyterians Today

A barista on a mission

A retired Presbyterian started a coffeehouse-based new worshiping community to serve her West Virginia community.

Empty pews are here to stay

Most people like to attend worship in-person sometimes, and online at other times, depending on their needs at the time.

Science has a place in our faith

Science and faith are not at all incompatible. Faith gives us hope for a better world, and science provides the tools to help us get there.

Our food system’s unsung heroes

Just as Jesus had a special affinity for the marginalized, so must we be in solidarity with people responsible for bringing food to our tables.

Creating community takes work

A few simple practices of being present, listening before speaking, being vulnerable and seeking common ground can build community.

‘The past is in front of us’

A rainstorm exposed a Virginia church’s brick wall built by slaves, and the church is repenting of its past and seeking to make amends.

Blazing a trail of love

A friend’s premature death surfaces thoughts about God’s power, strength, love and blessing, and the hope we must carry.