Presbyterians Today

Bless, do not curse, changes

Even though change is often thrust upon us and unwelcome, it can help us envision and strive for a brighter future.

Journaling your way to the Divine

Spiritual journaling is a simple discipline to put us in the presence of God so we can see how the Divine is working in our life.

Church discovers key to vitality

A Kentucky Presbyterian church discovers congregational vitality is a byproduct of listening and serving its neighbors.

Helping our youth flourish

The PC(USA)’s annual Pentecost Offering supports children, youth and young adults at risk through many ministries.

Stubbornness and Salvation

God is infinitely patient and will be more stubborn than we are when it comes to prodding us back onto the right path.

Our kids and mental health

A North Carolina church youth group has been helping adolescents with mental health check-ins to improve their coping skills.

The kitchen is a holy place

The kitchen can be a place of healing and transformation in which cooking, for ourselves or others, can be a sacred act.

The new language of love

By choosing and using our words carefully, we are able to signal our awareness and respect of other people.

The promise of abundant life

Presbyterians’ generosity to the One Great Hour of Sharing special offering gives the gift of abundant life to people in need.