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Presbyterians Today

Avoid ‘death by Zoom’

Some practical tips for churches about sharing graphs, charts and other information online during video conference calls.

Celebrating Black History Month

Seven suggestions are highlighted for congregations to have a meaningful celebration of Black History Month this February.

Looking for the new in a new year

Happy New Year, everybody! Or, as we sing along with José Feliciano in “Feliz Navidad,” his 50-year holiday hit: “Próspero año y Felicidad” (A prosperous and happy new year).

Courageous leadership

Guiding a congregation through a crisis — or even “normal” times — takes a strong leader with courage, vision, flexibility and humility.

Star words: An Epiphany tradition grows

A growing Epiphany worship practice is to hand out to church members paper stars, each with a single guiding word for the coming year.

Decluttering is a holy act

The new year is a good time to take an inventory of hurtful memories, beliefs and other emotional baggage and hand them to God for purging.

Getting ourselves out of a mess

Like in biblical times, maybe we have arrogantly fallen into self-confidence about our own importance, wealth and power, thinking we don’t need God.

Maple buds and brimming cups

Look for signs of hope. The teachers of resilience offer this wisdom to the storm-tossed, the overwhelmed, the anxious. You may be way ahead of me here, but it’s advice I’m trying to take.

A ‘Chrismon’ makeover miracle

A North Carolina church leapt into action to hand-make a new collection of ‘Chrismon’ Christmas ornaments featuring religious symbols.