Special days and emphases


Wood carving by Lie Yee Wan, 1969

Human life in community reflects a variety of rhythms which also affect Christian worship. Among these are the annual cycles of civic, agricultural, school, and business life; special times of family remembrance and celebration; and the patterns of a variety of cultural expressions, commemorations, and events. The church in carrying out its mission also creates a cycle of activities, programs, and observances. While such events may be appropriately recognized in Christian worship, care shall be taken to ensure that they do not obscure the proclamation of the gospel on the Lord’s Day. (Directory for Worship, W-3.2003)

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Armenian Genocide

Camp and Conference Ministries


Celebrate the Gifts of Women

Chaplains Sunday

Children’s Sabbath

Christian and Citizen; Election Day

Christian Education Week

Columbus Day

Criminal Justice

Disability Inclusion

Domestic Violence Awareness

Earth Day

Evangelism Sunday


Fair Trade

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

Health Awareness and Prayer for Healing

Higher Education/Collegiate Ministries

Holy Week

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Independence Day

International Women’s Day

Labor Day


Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

May Friendship Day

Memorial Day Observed

Metropolitan/Urban Ministry

Mothers’ Day

Multicultural Church; Immigration

National Day of Prayer

Native American Day

New Year’s Day

Older Adult Week; Wills Emphasis

One Great Hour of Sharing

Pentecost Offering

Presbyterian Heritage (May 21)

Presbyterian Men; Father’s Day

Presidents Day

Public Education


Race Relations

Reformation Sunday

Rural Life

Self-Development of People

September 11 Anniversary

Smaller Membership Church

Souper Bowl of Caring

Stewardship Commitment

Thanksgiving Day

Theological Education/Seminary

United Nations Day

Veterans Day

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Wills Emphasis

World AIDS Day; Presbyterian HIV/AIDS Awareness

World Communion; Peacemaking Offering

World Community Day

World Day of Prayer

World Food Day

Youth in the Church and World



New Year’s Day (Jan. 1)

Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan. 11)

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Jan 18–25)

Race Relations (second Sunday)

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (Jan. 15)

Criminal Justice (third Sunday)


Chaplains Sunday (first Sunday)

Souper Bowl of Caring (first Sunday)

Camp and Conference Ministries (second Sunday)

Health Awareness and Prayer for Healing (second Sunday)

Presidents Day (Feb. 20)


World Day of Prayer (March 2)

Celebrate the Gifts of Women (first Sunday)

International Women’s Day (March 8)


Self-Development of People (Apr. 8)

Holy Week

One Great Hour of Sharing (Apr. 1)

Earth Day (Apr. 22)

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day (Apr. 24)

Holocaust Remembrance Day (Apr. 12)


National Day of Prayer (May 3)

May Friendship Day (May 4)

Older Adult Week; Wills Emphasis (first Sunday)

Fair Trade (May 12)

Mothers’ Day (second Sunday)

Presbyterian Heritage (third Sunday)

Disability Inclusion (fourth Sunday)

Memorial Day Observed (May 28)


1001 New Worshiping Communities (May 19)

Pentecost Offering (May 20)

Intercultural Church (May 27)

Presbyterian Men; Father’s Day (third Sunday)

Active Life (June 25)


Immigration (July 1)

Independence Day (July 4)


Hiroshima Day (Aug. 6)

Celebrating Young Adult Volunteers (Aug. 12)

College and Young Adult Sunday (second Sunday)

Youth in the Church and World (third Sunday)

Young Adult Volunteer Commissioning Sunday (Aug. 26)

Public Education (fourth Sunday)


World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation (Sept. 1)

Season of Peace begins (first Sunday)

Labor Day (Sept. 3)

Presbyterian Higher Education (Sept. 4)

Christian Education Week (second Sunday)

September 11 Anniversary

Theological Education/Seminaries (third Sunday)

Christian and Citizen

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence begins; International Day of Peace (Sept. 21)

Native American Day (Sept. 23)

Evangelism Sunday (third Sunday)


World Communion; Peace & Global Witness Offering (first Sunday)

Domestic Violence Awareness (first Sunday)

Columbus Day Observed (Oct. 8)

World Food Day (Oct. 16)

Children’s Sabbath; Educate a Child, Transform the World (third Sunday)

United Nations Day (Oct. 24)

Reformation Sunday (fourth Sunday)


World Community Day (Nov. 2)

Stewardship Commitment

Election Day (Nov. 6)

Veterans Day (Nov. 11)

Caregiver (second Sunday)

Hunger and Homelessness (third Sunday)

Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22)

Giving Tuesday (Nov. 27)


World AIDS Day; Presbyterian HIV/AIDS Awareness (Dec. 1)

First Sunday of Advent (Dec. 2)

Human Rights Day (Dec. 10)

National Gun Violence Prevention, Sabbath Weekend begins (Dec. 13–16)

Christmas Joy Offering (Dec. 23)