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Children’s Sabbath

Observe Children’s Sabbath

What is Children’s Sabbath?

Freedom School at CN JenkinsAnd How can my congregation get involved?

The National Observance of Children’s Sabbath, sponsored and resourced by the Children’s Defense Fund, is a time for people of all faiths to unite in shared concern for children and common commitment to improving children’s lives and working for justice on their behalf. Children’s Sabbath is typically observed in October.

As part of the “Educate a Child, Transform the World” Initiative, Presbyterians across the country are encouraged to join in observance through worship, education, and action.

Learn more about Children’s Sabbath

Learn about Educate a Child, Transform the World

Photo Credit: C.N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church Freedom School Program

Get Involved

Observe children’s Sabbath in your own faith community

Consider showing this video in worship or a Christian Education class on Children’s Sabbath. Discuss your reactions to what you saw, heard, and felt.

Use the following resources to advocate for children through worship, education, and action. When 2016 resources are available, these resources will be updated.

2015 Children’s Sabbath Manual

Worship Resources (Christian)

Christian Education Resources

Ideas for Planning a Multi-Faith Children’s Sabbath

Resources for a Multi-Faith Children’s Sabbath Celebration

Once you’ve observed Children’s Sabbath, tell us about it. Email Rev. Alonzo Johnson, convener of the Educate a Child National Staff Team, at

Further Resources

For continued involvement in child advocacy

All resources courtesy of the Children’s Defense Fund.
Photo Credit: C.N. Jenkins Presbyterian Church Freedom School Program