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Food Week of Action and World Food Day



We are called to work for a world where everyone has sufficient, healthy and culturally appropriate food! And where those who produce and prepare the food are fairly compensated, respected and celebrated!

The global Food Week of Action (October 15-22) is an opportunity for Christians and others around the world to act together for food justice and food sovereignty. It is a special time to raise awareness about approaches that help individuals and communities develop resiliency and combat poverty. Beyond examining our food choices, we must also recognize the lingering roots of racism embedded in our food system, which was founded on slavery and plantation agriculture, and still exploits the environment and workers in the food chain. We call for societal and policy changes that bring us closer to realizing the right to food for everyone and positive transformation of the dominant system.

The Food Week of Action includes World Food Day (October 16), International Day for Rural Women (October 15), and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17).

2017 Food Week Solidarity Actions

  1. Support farmworkers by delivering a manager’s letter to a Wendy’s near you. Download, sign, and deliver this letter. bit.ly/boycottwendys
  2. Support family farmers by pushing for transparency around land investments by pension funds, starting with TIAA-CREF at bit.ly/TIAAact
  3. Raise your voice to push for justice and good stewardship in the next Farm Bill. bit.ly/17farmbill



Oct 15 – International Day for Rural Women
Take action to help end violence against women www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/ending-violence-against-women/take-action

Oct 16 – World Food Day
Give thanks for the food we eat — for the many hands and good earth it comes from — and return the blessing by donating to an organization committed to ending hunger, building community prosperity, and working for just and sustainable food and farm systems.

Oct 17 – International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Food Sovereignty Prize Live! Ceremony can be viewed at bit.ly/2017prizevideo. More information about the Prize and the 2017 winners at foodsovereigntyprize.org.

Oct 18 – Support farmworkers by delivering a manager’s letter to a Wendy’s near you. Download, sign, and deliver this letter.  bit.ly/boycottwendys

Oct 19 – Advocate for a higher minimum wage raisetheminimumwage.com and participate in the national Union Day of Action unitehere.org/oct19

Oct 20 – Climate Justice: Educate yourself and others bit.ly/wfd-climate and join the Climate Justice movement ourpowercampaign.org

Oct 21 – Celebrate with farmworkers in Vermont! The CEO of Ben & Jerry’s and the farmworkers have signed the Milk with Dignity Program. Read about this victory at migrantjustice.net/victory

Oct 22 – Bring food sovereignty to your church, community and town. Download the ‘How-To’ Guide at bit.ly/phpfoodfaith and make a plan to do the Just Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table curriculum. pcusa.org/justeating

Let people near and far know what you have planned for October, Food Week or World Food Day!

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Map of Actions and Events

Listing of Actions and Events

You can join the Food Week of Action from wherever you are.
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Eight (8) More Action Ideas

  1. Learn from the experts: Invite a local farmer or food chain worker to share his or her reflections about the food system at your next study group, meeting or event.
  2. Ask questions: Explore in a group how we could become more efficient in the use of our natural resources, preserve biodiversity and provide balanced nutritious diets for future generations by studying the PHP and EAA action guides and resource materials available at pcusa.org/foodweek.
  3. Worship: Organize a service during the week. Bryce Wiebe has created liturgy, which you can find here.  You can also draw from past worship materials below, including the World Food Day Prayer.
  4. Watch and learn: Check out the awesome videos people made for the Real Food Media contest.  Or just do a search for food + justice on youtube.com and see what you find.
  5. Share your food story: Tell your food story with a captioned photo, video or written post social media (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), using the hashtag #myfoodstory and, if there is room, @usfoodsov and @presbyhunger.
  6. Explore your faith and your food: Select a food-related biblical passage and share with your church study group or family what it means to you. See the curricula and faith-based Bible study guides below.
  7. Eat what you preach: Organize a church or community dinner and encourage people to bring dishes prepared with local produce. If ingredients are not local, people can be encouraged to read food labels so that they know where their food is coming from. Labels for dishes can share the source of food, and conversation can be encouraged about changes seen in local food growing and buying, and why these changes have occurred.
  8. Celebrate local foods and knowledge: Organize a community fair that showcases local food producers and shares the stories of farmers and people involved in food justice.

Educational Materials

Worship and Theological Resources