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Evangelism Sunday Worship Resource

Vital Congregations may be identified by seven Bible-based ideals or “marks.” One of the marks suggests that the congregation have a clear focus on Intentional Authentic Evangelism. Too often the asks of sharing the good news of living as Jesus did is relegated to an “Evangelism Team.” Some even think it is solely the pastor’s responsibility. Evangelism Sunday is a time when we are reminded of our equal responsibility to live as Christ did, so that we draw others to God.

The writer of Philippians encourages us that one way to mimic Christ’s life is to avoid our own selfish ambitions and conceit so that we might exalt others and look to their interests rather than just our own (Philippians 2:3–4). How critical this message is for such a time as this, when a pandemic can be controlled by laying aside our individual conceit. By openly obeying the advice of health-care professionals, the church humbles itself and demonstrates the mind of Christ.