Mr. Rogers Day Resources

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Fred Rogers was an ordained minister of word and sacrament for the PC(USA) and is a notable public figure whose work around peace and reconciliation are worth remembering. Rogers was also a pioneer in the world of Christian education and formation of young children. March 20th was his birthday and the day that the PC(USA) has chosen to highlight all we can learn from his work.

The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and the Office of Theology and Worship have partnered with the Office of Christian Formation to provide resources for celebrating Mr. Rogers Day. 

Here is a PDF promo card for with an illustration for coloring on one side and information on the other.

Below you will find a variety of resources for use in different contexts and settings for March 20th and beyond.

Walking in God’s Path of Peace: Intergenerational Worship

This Quicksheet includes a complete liturgy and suggestions for music based on Ephesians 6:15, and the work of Mr. Rogers. It is designed to be intergenerational for a Sunday near March 20 but can be used anytime which fits into your faith community’s calendar.

Jesus, Teach Us to Be Neighbors

This hymn was written with Mr. Rogers Day especially in mind and asks Jesus to teach us to be neighbors learning, growing, serving, loving, praying, and working for peace. The hymn text was written by David Gambrell, Associate for Worship, Office of Theology and Worship. The melody and accompaniment were written by Wil Smith, Austin Lovelace Composer-in-Residence and Senior Organist, Wellshire Presbyterian Church, Denver Colorado. Click here to download the hymn. Click here for the guitar chords. Click here for the words and melody. You can listen to the new hymn here sung by the Wellshire Presbyterian Church Choir. You can listen to children Rhys and Gordon Thomas sing the hymn here.

Permission is granted for the use of this hymn, including the reproduction of words and music in print or projection. No license is required. The following attribution and copyright information should be included:

Text: David Gambrell, 2022
Music: Wil Smith, 2022
Text © 2022, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation
Music © 2022, Wil Smith

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Mr. Rogers Day Things to Do

This Quicksheet includes activity ideas, books to read and other ways to celebrate Mr. Rogers Day.

Mr. Rogers Coloring Page 

This reproducible original artwork is based on Ephesians 6:15 and features the text “As shoes for you feet, put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace” inside Mr. Rogers sweater. His shoes and neighborhood are also present. Designed especially for Mr. Rogers Day by the folks at Illustrated Ministry, the artwork can be downloaded in a variety of sizes – 8.5×11, 11×17, 24×36, and 36×48 in black/white. It is also available in color – 8.5×5.5, 8.5×11, 8.5×11 2Up, 11×17, 24×36 and 36×48. It can be used as individual coloring sheets or enlarged to poster-size for a group coloring project. You can have a local printer print the file onto poster or foam core board. Then put it up in a community room, narthex or fellowship hall, supply plenty of great coloring pens and invite folks to add color.

Neighboring Sunday 

This quicksheet is a guide to planning an experience of worship and getting to know your neighborhood.

(NEWLY REVISED) Building a Neighborhood Together

Describes the process for building a neighborhood out of boxes and other everyday household supplies. It is an activity for all ages and all kinds of families working together. The Neighborhood Build is based on Fred Rogers’ ideas about relationships, creative play, pride in making things, family communication, and community.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Resource Roadmap 

This is a list of PCUSA Resources, PPC and Flyaway Books, and Movies and Television links that all tie to the themes of the work of Mr. Rogers around peace and reconciliation, kindness, and neighborliness.

(Newly Revised) Peacemaking in the Family

Newly updated version of the original Peacemaking in the Family resource includes 4 sessions for intergenerational events. The sessions are 1. Families and Feelings 2. Living in Families and Growing as Individuals 3. Families and Hard Times 4. Families and Celebrations

Peaceful Neighbor: Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers

Book group discussion guide

Peace Cards

Order your set of Peace Cards. Each card offers a question for reflection, an action to be taken and prayer to be spoken.

Peace Cards: Activities and Ideas Quicksheet

This Quicksheet provides activities and ideas for using Peace Cards for at home formation and with your faith communities.

Reflections on Fred Rogers


PCUSA Store Resources

You can find children’s books from Flyaway books that tie to themes important in Mr. Rogers’ work as well as books for adults in the PCUSA Store

Special Days and Emphasis/Planning Calendar

This link will take you to a list of all the Special Days on the PCUSA Calendar and the associated resources.

Matthew 25 Resources