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Minute for Mission: World Community Day


November 2, 2018

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World Community Day began in 1943 as a day for church women across denominations to study peace. After World War II, leaders of denominations felt that they should set aside a day for prayer and ecumenical study. The leaders thought that while many denominations were performing peace and justice work by themselves, having a day where they could study together would be beneficial to all. The theme of this year’s World Community Day is Reaching for Wholeness: In Harmony with God’s People.

As 1 Cor. 12:12 says: “The body is a whole unit, made up of many parts.” The theme of this year’s event is inspired by the idea that being whole means feeling safe, valued, cared for and connected with the community and world. When there is wholeness, there is also harmony. People of different nations and cultures can join like a chorus to stand against war, violence and discord.

Resources for World Community Day are available from Church Women United. Write to 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1926, New York, NY 10115; call 800-298-5551; or visit

Carissa Herold, Marketing Associate, Presbyterian Women, Horizons Magazine

Today’s Focus:  World Community Day

Let us join in prayer for: 

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Megan Berry, OGA
Laura Bryan, PMA

Let us pray:

God of life and wholeness, we ask for your loving guidance as we strive for wholeness, always seeking to live in harmony with one another, your creation and to your glory. Amen.

Daily Readings 

Morning Psalms 84; 148
First Reading Nahum 2:13-3:7
Second Reading Revelation 13:1-10
Gospel Reading Luke 12:13-31
Evening Psalms 25; 40