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Further study


  • The Thoughtful Christian has several studies related to the topic of HIV/AIDS.
  • “AIDS at 30: A History.” Society was not prepared in 1981 for the appearance of a new infectious disease, but we have since learned that emerging and re-emerging diseases will continue to challenge humanity. “AIDS at 30” is the first history of HIV/AIDS written for a general audience that emphasizes the medical response to the epidemic. Award-winning medical historian Victoria A. Harden approaches the AIDS virus from philosophical and intellectual perspectives in the history of medical science, discussing the process of scientific discovery, scientific evidence, and how laboratories found the cause of AIDS and developed therapeutic interventions.
  • “Reflecting Theologically on AIDS: A Global Challenge,” by Robin Gill. This resource gathers recent theological responses to the challenge of the current HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  • “The Church with AIDS: Renewal in the Midst of Crisis,” by Letty M. Russell. This book looks at the experiences of people with AIDS as a means of examining the way Christianity views the problem and deals with it on both personal and community levels.
  • “Affirming Persons, Saving Lives.” This free, comprehensive HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention curriculum is designed for Christian education settings. These teacher-friendly lessons, for all ages, can be taught without special training. The curriculum includes 11 booklets and two videos published by the United Church of Christ.