Mission Toolkit: Responding to HIV/AIDS


As Presbyterians, we are called to stand with our brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDS and offer them compassion and support. Medical advances have been made and people are able to manage their HIV infection through antiretroviral therapy, but social stigma still exists, making life difficult for the 36.7 million people worldwide currently living with HIV/AIDS. Proposed 2018 U.S. budget cuts may also negatively impact HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Now is the time to act!  

Who’s this toolkit for?

This toolkit provides helpful resources for PC(USA) congregations interested in responding to HIV/AIDS in their communities and around the world. Church leaders, including pastors, mission and outreach committees, sessions, youth group leaders and Christian education teachers, will be able to use these resources to better understand HIV/AIDS, how they can support people who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, and why they should act locally and internationally to prevent the resurgence of infections.

 Why do we need to respond now?

The Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN) has been working for years to encourage congregations to show compassion to people in their community infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. In the 2017 resource packet, Ann Jones and George Kerr, co-moderators for PAN, explain how the proposed 2018 U.S. budget cuts will reduce access to HIV testing and treatment services. The cost could be 1 million lives in just one year! Now is the time to advocate for our brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDS!