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Matthew 25 Eradicating Systemic Poverty: Act

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We will prioritize listening to, and responding alongside, communities as they identify needs, organize for solutions, and engage in advocacy for change.

Act Resources

  • Learn about the model of Congregation Based Community Organizing, hear stories, and connect to possible CBCOs in your area.
    • Use the Holy Discernment toolkit at from the Office of Public Witness to explore the biblical roots for our public policy advocacy and engagement in the public square. Sign up for action alerts that you can take individually and/or share with your congregation.
    • Follow the Educate a Child Toolkit practical tools and starting points for congregations to begin direct service and advocacy for education. Designed to start or amend education-oriented ministry or education advocacy, this toolkit can be used online or downloaded.

Act Action Suggestions

  • Identify trusted, community-based, anti-poverty local organizations and leaders to join their campaigns and follow their lead on calls to actions and community meetings–not just politicians, but school social workers, healthcare providers, community organizers, pastors in different denominations and various sectors of the community.
  • Advocate for legislation that helps to end poverty locally, in your state, nationally or internationally. Be mindful not to assume we know what is best- let action arise from listening to and building relationships with impacted communities. Choose advocacy that best suits your congregation and set a goal to follow it for the length of time that makes sense. Reflect along the way.
  • Adopt a focused campaign to address root causes of poverty in your community and across the country:

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