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ACSWP Social Witness Policy by Topic


Recent Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Social Witness Policy by Topic

The following resources are available in hard copies for purchase and for free as PDFs at the following links. None of the categories are exhaustive and there is intentional repetition at several points. The Advocacy Committees on Racial-Ethnic Concerns and Women’s Concerns also develop policies and studies.

For a comprehensive thumb drive of social policies since 1983, please write Thumb drive compilations are sold at cost ($5).

General Social Policy Resources

  1. Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy Agenda Summary (2014 to 2016)
  2. Social Creed for the 21st Century: Connecting to the Creed (2008)
  3. Why and How the Church Makes Social Policy Witness (1993)

Criminal Justice

  1. Gun Violence, Gospel Values: Mobilizing in Response to God’s Call (2010)
  2. Resolution Against Torture: Human Rights in a Time of Terrorism (2006)
  3. Resolution Calling for the Abolition of For-Profit Private Prisons (2003)
  4. Resolution on Restorative Justice (2002)
  5. Resolution on International Criminal Court (1999)
  6. Moratorium on Capital Punishment (2000)

Democracy, Education, and Personal Responsibility

  1. Honest Patriotism
  2. “A Letter to Presbyterians:” The PCUSA 1953 General Council Challenge to McCarthyism (1953)
  3. Lift Every Voice: Democracy, Voting Rights, and Electoral Reform (2008)
  4. Loving our Neighbors: Equity and Quality in Public Education (K-12) (2010)
  5. Election Protection and Integrity in Campaign Finance ACSWP (2016)

Ecology and Environmental Concerns

  1. The Precautionary Principle: Managing Technological Risks to Protect Humanity and our Planet
  2. The Power to Change – U.S. Energy Policy and Global Warming (2008)
  3. Report and Recommendations on Limited Water Resources and Takings with Study Guide (2004)
  4. Globalization and the Environment – A Study Paper (2003)
  5. We Are What We Eat (2002)
  6. Hazardous Waste, Race, and the Environment (1995)
  7. Restoring Creation for Ecology & Justice
  8. The Power to Speak Truth to Power (1981)

Economic Justice, Globalization

  1. Tax Justice: A Christian Response to a Second Gilded Age (2014)
  2. World of Hurt, Word of Life: Renewing God’s Communion in the Work of Economic Reconstruction (2012)
  3. Living Through Economic Crisis: The Church’s Witness in Troubled Times (2010)
  4. Just Global Discipleship: A Mission Trip Preparation Guide for Students and Young Adults (2010)
  5. Selected Social Witness Policies on Work as Vocation, Unions, and Collective Bargaining (1959-2008) From the Presbyterian Social Policy Compilation
  6. Resolution on Just Globalization, Justice, Ownership, and Accountability (2006)
  7. A Reformed Understanding of Usury in the Twenty-First Century (2006)
  8. Globalization and the Environment – A Study Paper (2003)
  9. Globalization and Culture – A Study Paper (2003)
  10. The Employment Effects of Free Trade and Globalization – A Study Paper (2001)
  11. The Globalization of Economic Life: Challenge to the Church – A Study Paper (2001)
  12. Hope for a Global Future: Toward Just and Sustainable Human Development (1996)
  13. The Church: Responding to Rural America (1991) and Rural Community in Crisis (1985) – A Study Paper
  14. Toward a Just, Caring, and Dynamic Political Economy (1985, Study)

Compensation in Church & Society

  1. Fairness in Ministerial Compensation: Solidarity and Incentives (2014)
  2. Neither Poverty Nor Riches: Compassion, Equity, and the Unity of the Church (2010)
  3. God’s Work in Women’s Hands: Pay Equity and Just Compensation (2008)
  4. God’s Work in Our Hands: Employment, Community, and Christian Vocation (1995)

Economic & Investment Witness

  1. Divestment from corporations supporting the occupation of Palestine (2014; Joint Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment, MRTI)
  2. Call to Boycott Products from Israeli Settlements (2012)
  3. The Divestment Strategy: Principles and Criteria (1984)
  4. Divestment from major military, nuclear warhead, tobacco, and other firms: (1982, subsequent revisions, constituting a social investment screen)
  5. Boycotts: Policy Analysis and Criteria (1979)

Ecumenical Core Affirmation

(Led by PC(USA); consensus statement by National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.)

  1. Social Creed for the 21st Century: Connecting to the Creed (2008)
  2. Social Creed for the 21st Century (Korean) (2008)
  3. Social Creed for the 21st Century (Spanish) (2008)
  4. Toward a New Social Awakening: The Role for a 21st Century “Social Creed of the Churches” (2008)

Family, Aging, and Pastoral Care

  1. Abiding Presence (2016)
  2. Anti-Corporal Punishment Resolution (2012)
  3. Economic Security for Older Adults (2006)
  4. Resolution on Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse Against Educators (2004)
  5. Transforming Families (2004)
  6. Resolution on the Ministry of Caregiving in Relation to Older Adults (2001)
  7. Turn Mourning Into Dancing! A Policy Statement on Healing Domestic Violence and Study Guide (2001)
  8. Pornography: Far From The Song of Songs (1988)
  9. Gambling—summary of resources (1935—1996)
  10. The Covenant of Life and The Caring Community & Covenant and Creation: Theological Reflections on Contraception and Abortion (1983; biomedical ethics)
  11. Rights and Responsibilities of Older Persons

Healthcare, Homelessness, and Inclusion

  1. Putting Healing Before Punishment (2018)
  2. Initial Drug Reform Report Approved by GA (2016)
  3. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly Resolution on Reproductive Health (2012)
  4. Becoming an HIV and AIDS Competent Church: Prophetic Witness and Compassionate Action (2010)
  5. Comfort my People: A Policy Statement on Serious Mental Illness (2008)
  6. From Homelessness to Hope: Constructing Just, Sustainable Communities for All God’s People (2008)
  7. Living Into the Body of Christ: Towards Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities (2006)
  8. Resolution on Advocacy on Behalf of the Uninsured (2002)
  9. Freedom and Substance Abuse (1993)
  10. Resolution on Christian Responsibility And A National Medical Plan (1991)
  11. Life Abundant: Values, Choices, and Health Care (1988)
  12. Alcohol Use & Abuse – Social and Health Effects

Human Rights

  1. Human Trafficking Human Rights: Children of God, Not for Sale (2016)
  2. Human Trafficking Statement of Concern ACSWP and ACWC (2016)
  3. Sexual Violence in the U.S. Military: A Human Rights Update (2014)
  4. Human Rights Update 2012 (2012)
  5. Human Rights Update 2010 (2010)
  6. Report on Human Rights in Colombia (2008)
  7. Resolution Against Torture: Human Rights in a Time of Terrorism (2006)
  8. Human Rights Update 2003-2004 (2003/2004)
  9. Resolution Calling for the Abolition of For-Profit Private Prisons (2003)
  10. Human Rights Update 2002-2003 (2002-2003)
  11. Resolution on Restorative Justice (2002)
  12. Resolution on the International Criminal Court (1999)


  1. Resolution Calling for a Comprehensive Legalization Program for Immigrants Living and Working in the United States with Study Guide
  2. Same resolution as above (In Spanish) (2004)
  3. Human Rights Update 2003-2004 (2003/2004)
  4. Transformation of Churches and Society Through Encounters with New Neighbors (1999)

International Issues

  1. Israel-Palestine:  For Human Values in the Absence of a Just Peace (2016)
  2. Study Guide for Israel-Palestine: For Human Values in the Absence of a Just Peace
  3. New Hopes and Realities in Cuban American Relations: A ‘Neuvo Momento’ (2016)
  4. Nuevas Esperanzas y Realidades en Las Relaciones Cubano-Americanas: Un “Nuevo Momento” (2016)
  5. Resolution on Equal Rights for All Inhabitants of Israel and Palestine, and for Conversations with Prophetic Voices (2014)
  6. Western Sahara: Occupied, Non-Self-Governing Territory and Test Case for International Law (2014)
  7. For Human Rights and Civic Freedom: Movements for Democratic Change in the Arab World (2012)
  8. Breaking Down the Walls Middle East Report & Supplement (2010 & 2012)
  9. To Repent, to Restore, to Rebuild, and to Reconcile – A Study Paper on Costly Lessons of the Iraq War (2008)
  10. On Building Peace in Iraq (2008) – resolution goes with study paper above
  11. Report on Human Rights in Colombia (2008)
  12. Resolution on Africa: A Study Guide and Reflection (2005)
  13. Iraq: Our Responsibility and the Future (2004)
  14. Resolution on the Middle East (1997)


  1. Risking Peace in a Violent World:  Five New Peacemaking Affirmations
  2. Risking Peace in a Violent World (2014)
  3. Drones, War & Surveillance (2014)
  4. Peace Discernment Interim Report – Encountering the Gospel of Peace Anew: An Invitation to Discernment and Witness (2012)
  5. On Strengthening the Peacemaking Program (2010)
  6. Resolution on Violence, Religion, and Terrorism (2004)
  7. Resolution on Just Peacemaking and the Call for International Intervention for Humanitarian Rescue (1998)
  8. Christian Obedience in a Nuclear Age (1988)
  9. Peacemaking: The Believers’ Calling (1980)
  10. GA Policies on Vietnam

Race, Class, Gender, and Religion

  1. City Churches: Conviction, Conversation, and Call to Action (2016)
  2. The Gospel from Detroit: Renewing the Church’s Urban Vision (2014)
  3. God’s Work in Women’s Hands: Pay Equity and Just Compensation (2008)
  4. From Homelessness to Hope: Constructing Just, Sustainable Communities for All God’s People (2008)
  5. Building Community Among Strangers: A Report on Racism, Social Class Divisions, Sex-based Injustices, and Religious Intolerance and Conflict (1999)
  6. Hearing the Silence Healing the Pain Sexual Abuse in the Church (1993)
  7. Violations Against the Image of God Exploitation of Women 1986
  8. Naming the Unnamed Sexual Harassment in the Church (1982)
  9. Dignity and Exploitation Christian Reflections on Images of Sex in the 1970s (1974)

Theology, Politics, Church/State and Religious Liberty, and Conscience

  1. Religious Freedom Without Discrimination
  2. God Alone is Lord of the Conscience (1988)
  3. Reformed Faith and Politics (1983)


  1. Gun Violence, Gospel Values: Mobilizing in Response to God’s Call (2010)
  2. Resolution on Violence, Religion, and Terrorism (2004)