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ACSWP Social Witness Policy by Topic



Recent Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Social Witness Policy by Topic

This list of ACSWP policies is organized by categories which link to subpages with policy descriptions and instructions for downloading or ordering each policy. The list contains many but not all of ACSWPs policies and there is intentional repetition in the categories at several points. Additionally, the Racial Equity Advisory Committee (REAC) and the Advisory Committee for Women and Gender Justice (ACWGJ) also develop policies and studies.

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General Social Policy Resources



Criminal Justice



Democracy, Education & Personal Responsibility



Ecology and Environmental Concerns



Economic Justice, Globalization



Compensation in Church & Society



Economic & Investment Witness



Ecumenical Core Affirmation



Family, Aging and Pastoral Care



Healthcare, Homelessness and Inclusion



Human Rights






International Issues






Race, Class, Gender and Religion



Theology, Politics, Church/State and Religious Liberty and Conscience