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The PC(USA) will be on PBS!

For over 200 years, Presbyterians have been responding to the call of Jesus Christ, sharing the gospel with others and bearing witness to Christ’s saving love to the ends of the earth.

The Holy Spirit is still on the move, calling us to share what God is doing in the world.

To support this mission, we’ve partnered with the Viewpoint project – producer of high-quality social and educational documentaries for public television with the mission of positively impacting our communities and the world. Our educational segment focuses on the denomination’s Matthew 25 commitment to creating healthy, just communities and a radically inclusive world. 

In May 2023, households across the U.S. was able to view this segment via their local public broadcasting station. Your local PBS station had the opportunity to show this documentary between broadcasts. A shorter version of the segment also aired across a myriad of cable networks like CNN and HLN. You can still watch them here – just keep scrolling.

This documentary will help multiply the PC(USA)’s commitment to radical and fearless hospitality. We want to prepare and equip you as mid councils to engage this opportunity with your congregations and ministries.

Sincerely in Christ,

Diane Moffett signature

Rev. Dr. Diane Givens Moffett, President and Executive Director

Presbyterian Mission Agency



Next Steps

We would love to know the impact of this program on our congregations. If you see an increase in visitors, please let us know at  

PC(USA) Stated Clerk, J.Herbert Nelson, II being interviewed. Presbyterian Church Viewpoint on PBS

To learn more about how to amplify our Matthew 25 commitment with your community, visit

The Viewpoint project produces high-quality social and educational documentaries for public television with the mission of positively impacting our communities and the world. More information about the Viewpoint project can be found at


Share and make aware!

It is always important to be welcoming as we extend the hospitality of Jesus. Our hope and goal is that your congregations receive new visitors as a result of this program. Here are some suggested ways to prepare:

  • Post an announcement on your website, newsletter or social media page.
  • Include the 30-second video to curate interest [watch here:]  


Tips for your congregations:

  • Make an announcement during service and meetings and include it in the bulletins and agendas so that all are aware of the video documentary and potential increase in visitors.
  • Update all social media and webpages with easy-to-find addresses and contact information.
  • Review and update external and internal signage.
  • Review your hospitality preparations and ways to welcome visitors.



Based upon the work our churches are doing in eradicating systemic poverty and dismantling structural racism as part of the Matthew 25 movement, the PC(USA) was invited to be a part of a short-form documentary series titled Viewpoint.


교육 부문은 마태복음 25 장 사역의 건강하고 정의로운 공동체와 근본적으로 포용적인 세상을 만들기 위한 헌신에 초점을 맞추고 있습니다.


El segmento educativo se centra en el compromiso de la denominación Mateo 25 de crear comunidades sanas y justas y un mundo radicalmente inclusivo.