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Matthew 25 Eradicating Systemic Poverty: Learn

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In our Christian education and personal learning, we will seek to understand the intersectional, systemic, and root causes of poverty.   

Learn Resources

Learn Action Suggestions

  • Invite local partner organizations to speak to the congregation about the root causes of poverty that they seek to address, for Sunday School, Wednesday night suppers, etc. Be mindful that you might want to expand your circle of local partners working to end poverty, to include unexpected partners like the health department or a school of social work. Be mindful of which partners you can invest longer-term relationship building in, and which you are hosting simply to unpack some complexities around poverty in your region as a one time educational event. Be clear what compensation or honorarium might be offered for speaking engagements versus what relationships/partnership work might grow out of connections.
  • Offer simulation activities and other active learning models. Be mindful to include “now what” or “next steps” to engage participants in some type of action that stems from the learning activity (i.e. a local organization to support, a local or national piece of legislation to call decision-makers about, etc.)
  • Attend visits/travel delegations to other communities (local or global) to raise understanding and build relationships, being mindful not to be in a tourist mindset but to enter into space as a learner willing to be transformed in order to act to end poverty

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