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Being called to a New Worshiping Community is a leap of faith. Often it comes with a feeling of being overwhelmed but also great joy. We have been listening to those that have been a part of leading a NWC for a number of years. The largest feedback that we have received is that there is a lack of training for those that are in various stages of developing a NWC’s. With that realization our team has re-developed our offering to not make them more accessible, but culturally relevant as well. Our goal is to prepare, equip, and sustain leaders for the ministry that God has called them to.

NWC Accelerator
We have launched our New Worshiping Communities Accelerator which is designed to train and support leaders as they are discerning and starting an NWC. Topics that we will cover include practical financial management, creating vision, funds development, missional theology, developing partnerships, communicating your story, and more. We are pleased to be offering several different options for our Accelerator. The NWC Accelerator is offered in an online version at least six times a year. This is a six-week curriculum with regular meetings following that is facilitated and part of a learning cohort of other NWC leaders. Our online Accelerator is offered in both English and Spanish. Another way to participate in an NWC Accelerator is that it will be offered at two different locations for a weeklong in-person learning. Due to Covid-19 our onsite version is not available but there is a live virtual version that will be offered facilitated by our leadership team.


NWC Online Accelerators
Dates listed is the week of the first meeting. After registration, the facilitator will poll the participants to determine the best day and time to meet. The cohort will meet for six weeks with three follow up meetings. Full attendance and participation is required to fulfill requirement.

April 12 (Spanish)                June 13                                     July 12 (Spanish)                 August 8
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October 2                                October 2 (Spanish)
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Upcoming Tentative Accelerators will be offered in August, September, and October 2021.

NWC Accelerator
Due to COVID this in-person event will be held virtually. It will include live teaching by the Accelerator team and small groups. After the Accelerator will have three additional meetings determined by the small group. Full attendance and participation is required to fulfill requirement.

May 5, 12, 19, 26, and June 2 (12:00 pm EST- 3 pm EST)
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Oct 27, Nov 3, Nov 10, and Nov 17 (12:00pm EST – 3 pm EST)
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Starting New Worshiping Communities Resource

It can be found at www.newchurchnewway.org. This contains studies and guides that are useful for teams and individuals discern where God is calling them.

Upcoming Workshops

Anti- Racism Training Offered by The Open Table KC.

Racism is talked about frequently in today’s political climate, but often folks are operating on different definitions of the term. We are excited to partner with The Open Table in offering a foundation for NWC leaders in establish a common working definition so we can work together against systemic racism in all its forms.

May 20 (7 pm- 9 pm EST)
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Get support and develop best practices for your ministry in community.

Leading a New Worshiping Community can be challenging. While we do ministry in community, we also need to be supported in community.

We are offering multiple styles of cohorts for you. All our cohorts consist of New Worshiping Community leaders being led by a trained facilitator. The cohorts meet online monthly for encouragement, support, and training.

In the fall of 2021, we will be starting several new cohorts. One option is a one-year cohort, and another is a two year commitment. These cohorts will soon be taking applications for a fall 2021 launch. If you are interested, please contact Sean Chow.