Our Team






Nikki Collins
Sean Chow portrait
Shawn Kang portrait
Michael Gehrling portrait

Rev. Nikki Collins

National Coordinator

Rev. Sean M. Chow

Western Region and Training Associate

Rev. Shawn Kang

Central Region Associate

Rev. Michael Gehrling

Northeast and Assessments  Associate

Leadership Training


Mission Engagement Advisor

Admin. Assistant

Sara Hayden portrait
Jeff Eddings portrait
Jon Moore portrait
Eva Slayton portrait

Rev. Sara Hayden

Director of Apprenticeships, Residencies and Leadership Cohorts

Rev. Jeff Eddings

Southeast Region and Coaching Associate

Rev. Jon Moore

Mission Engagement Advisor

Eva Slayton

Administrative Assistant

Admin. Assistant

Admin. Assistant



Catherine Reuning portrait
Alicia Demartra Pressley portrait

Catherine Reuning

Administrative Assistant

Alicia Demartra-Pressley

Administrative Assistant
(800) 728-7228, ext. 5244