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Mission Program Grants

Grants are provided to participants in the 1001 New Worshiping Communities. We provide comprehensive materials to help you get started, which you can find here.

The New Worshiping Communities Seed Grant still provides $7,500 to help start a 1001 community, but now it is for the first year of ministry, rather than six months.

After that first year the ministry can apply for an additional $25,000 Investment Grant for the next 18 months, followed by the possibility of a $25,000 Growth Grant.

Both the Investment and Growth grant require dollar matching from a mid-council, congregation or in-kind support.

All new worshiping community leaders are still eligible to apply for a Health Insurance Grant, worth $1,500 per year—twice renewable.

Mission Program Grants also provides grants to presbyteries seeking continual congregational transformation— and the Sam & Helen R. Walton Award, given every March, to excellent new worshiping communities to help with capital expenses.

The Presbytery Grant for Congregational Transformation provides funding to Presbyteries that can help change congregations. Presbyteries may request a one-time grant of ordinarily up to $50,000.  The first year lump sum payment will be for up to $30,000 and assuming satisfactory progress has been made toward meeting stated goals; a second year lump sum payment of up to $20,000 will be disbursed.

Mission Program Grants Proposal Submission and Review Dates

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2017 Cut-off Date for Receipt of Proposals


2017 Review Date


Proposals Received After The Monthly
Cut-Off Date Will Be Reviewed

February 8   March 9–10*   April 5
March 8   April 13   May 17
April 5   May 17   August 7
July 12   August 7*   October 11
September 13   October 11   November 8
October 11   November 8   March 7, 2018

* Face-to-Face Mission Development Resources Committee Meeting

The Sam & Helen R. Walton Award Nominations need to be filed for each nominee and received in the Office of Mission Program Grants by January 31st of each year.  The 2017 Mission Development Resources Committee Review Date will be March 9–10.*

If you have questions about whether you qualify or about other funding opportunities, please contact:

Tim McCallister, Associate
Phone (800) 728-7228, x5230

Bill Moore, Administrative Assistant
Phone (800) 728-7228, x5251


The Sam and Helen R. Walton Award Nomination Form

In late December 1991, Sam and Helen R. Walton made a generous gift of $6 million through the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Foundation.  This gift included an endowment in the amount of $3 million, the earned interest to be used by new church developments that have placed an emphasis on site acquisition. The Mission Development Resources… Read more »

Manual of Administrative Operations

A guide for applying for Mission Program Grants. Looking for the grant applications? You can find information and links to applications for the Seed Grant, Investment Grant, Growth Grant, Health Insurance Grant, Sam and Helen R. Walton Award and the Presbytery Grant for Congregational Transformation all on the Mission Program Grants page.

New Worshiping Communities Seed Grant

These grants are intended to support operating/program purposes such as salary and benefits, insurance, rent, educational materials, etc… These grants are limited to new worshiping communities that are related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), located within the United States and Puerto Rico and were ordinarily established no earlier than July 2010. New worshiping communities may… Read more »
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