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Because no one should do this alone.

Have you ever left a conversation with clarity, insight, and courage? That’s the kind of feeling you get with a great coach. That’s why we have experienced leaders to coach you as you develop a new worshiping community. We believe this is essential for healthy and sustainable ministry, so we would like to connect you with a specially trained coach. Coaches meet regularly with you to listen, ask great questions, help you discover your gifts, and enable you to discern the way forward when you get stuck.

Do you have a coach? Let us help you find a great one.


We have over 100 trained new worshiping community coaches from different regions and different cultures with experience in urban and suburban ministry. Over 50 of our coaches have been trained through the International Coaching Federation.

Our coaches are pastors or leaders who have started new communities themselves–or helped others start them. They are not experts. But they can help you: weigh decisions which must be made, pay attention to what God is doing, encourage intentionality in your actions, foster space for discernment and strategy, find courage to take risks, keep you on track and moving forward.

The cost of a coach is $1,500/year plus any expenses for a site visit if so desired. The typical coaching relationship consists of one site visit per year (touring the ministry context, meeting with leaders/core group/stakeholders/presbytery teams) and an hour long phone conversations once per month.

If you are interested in coaching, contact  He will work with you to match you with the right coach.

If you are already working with a coach that’s great! We are glad to have our leaders connect with coaches outside our network. Just be sure to let Jeff know who you are working with as your coach.

The NWC investment grants and growth grants include the expectation of a coach, and have increased in value to assume the cost of coaching. Why not start now to get connected with a coach who can walk alongside you in this journey?