Campaign Work Against Herakles Farms Multiplies its Success

Jaff Napoleon Bamenjo and Ngalim Yongabi Bernard,  RELUFA, JH Cameroon Palm oil plantation in the south west region of Cameroon. Photo courtesy of RELUFA Land grabbing is a contemporary political problem in Cameroon with various interests – agro-industries, infrastructure development, mining, on-shore oil exploration and timber industries – competing for land. But one project has… Read more »

New Bolivian Mining and Metallurgy Law Highlights Conflict

New Bolivian Mining and Metallurgy Law Highlights Conflict Between Constitutional Rights and Economic Development By Elizabeth López, Volunteer, UMAVIDA, Joining Hands Bolivia Members of indigenous and social organizations carry out a sit-in around the Plaza Murillo, outside of the government headquarters, demanding the repeal of the new Mining and Metallurgy Law. May, 2014. Photo courtesy… Read more »

Hudson River Approves Resolution

Hudson River Presbytery Approves Resolution to Officially Oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) By Rev. Pamela Lupfer, Hudson River Presbytery Members of a coalition of labor, faith, environmental and community groups protest the Trans Pacific Partnership at a press conference in White Plains, New York. Photo courtesy of Wanda Van Woert. At its July 2014… Read more »

Seeds: Symbols of freedom and self-governance

By Rev. Thomas John, Companionship Facilitator, Chethana, JH India Students look over native seeds on display at the Seed Mela (Seed Festival) in Mysore. Photos courtesy of Thomas John.  Agriculture in India is more than 4000 years old.  Traditionally, seeds were always considered sacred and imbued with spiritual significance and value – never seen as… Read more »

The Fight for Native Seeds Defies Free Trade Agreements in El Salvador

By Kristi Van Nostran, Companionship Facilitator, RUMES, JH El Salvador, adapted with permission from more in-depth article by Voices on the Border, a Joining Hands organizational ally Joining Hands partner, Ladislao, exchanges a bag of his Carnavalia beans for an artisan designed and printed t-shirt at the 12th Annual Native Seed Festival. Photo courtesy of… Read more »

Resisting Land Grabbing: Local communities in South West Cameroon continue to pressure Herakles Farms despite intimidation

Jaff Napoleon Bamenjo, Coordinator,  RELUFA, JH Cameroon Villagers of Babensi II village march to the Nguti sub divisional headquarters on April 4, 2014. Photo Courtesy of Eugine Ndi.   Multinational companies are grabbing land in alarming proportions in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa. In Cameroon, it is estimated that the total request… Read more »

The Call for Agrarian Reform in Haiti Grows

By Cindy Corell, Companionship Facilitator, Haiti Madame St. Etienne holding two oranges outside her home in Trou du Nord. Since losing the property with her family’s garden and fruit trees, she has no way of making money, and yet has to purchase food. Photo courtesy of Cindy Corell.   Madame St. Etienne walked out of… Read more »

Perspectives on Partnership: Ties Bind Joining Hands Amidst Revolutionary Struggle

Perspectives on Partnership: Ties Bind Joining Hands Amidst Egyptian Turmoil Nancy Lister-Settle, Coordinator of Joining Hands in Des Moines Presbytery and Dr. Nabil Sisostres, Coordinator of Together for Family Development Egypt Perspective from Des Moines Group photo of TFD members, including Dr. Nabil Sisostres in the middle, with a few Des Moines JH Representatives, including… Read more »