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A letter from Doug Tilton serving as regional liaison for Southern Africa, based in South Africa

Stories of Heartbreak and Hope

A letter from Christi Boyd, serving in Central Africa, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Caring for the Environment

A letter from Bernie and Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta serving in Indonesia|June 2015

“He gets it!”

A letter from Doug Baker serving in Northern Ireland|June 2015

 A New Home and Ministry

A letter from Janet Guyer serving as regional facilitator for women and children’s ministries in English-speaking Africa, based in Malawi

Launching Savings Groups

A letter from Bob and Kristi Rice serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo|May 2015

Two Anniversaries

A letter from Choon Lim serving as Regional Liaison for East Asia, based in South Korea|April 2015

Saved by a Banner?

A letter from Josh Heikkila serving as Regional Liaison for West Africa, based in Ghana|March 2015

Violence Continues

A letter from Elisabeth Cook serving in Costa Rica|Spring 2015

We Are Called to Love

A letter from Sandi and Brian Thompson-Royer serving in Guatemala|Spring 2015