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Without Missing a Beat

A letter from David Cortes-Fuentes & Josefina Saez-Acevedo serving in Cuba | September 2016

U.S., Rwanda Civil Wars

A letter from Kay Day in the U.S., on Interpretation Assignment from Rwanda | September 2016

Ringing Bells in America

A letter from Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta in the U.S., on Interpretation Assignment from Indonesia

“You Are Beautiful”

A letter from Sandi Thompson-Royer serving in Guatemala|March 2016


A letter from Bernie Adeney-Risakotta serving in Indonesia|Spring 2016

Listening and Learning

A letter from Juan Lopez and Cathy Chang serving in the Philippines|May 2016

Signs of the Times

A letter from Becky and Eric Hinderliter serving in Lithuania|July 2016