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Puerto Rico Travel Study Seminar

Puerto Rico: March 13 – March 20, 2023

In the Aftermath of Catastrophe – The Political, Social and Racial Dynamics Revealed by Multiple Catastrophes and How the Church Is Responding to Them



The word “apocalypse” is often used to describe a catastrophic or world changing event, like Hurricane Maria, which struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, causing devastation across the island. But in the Bible, especially the book of Revelation, the word apocalypse means something else: apo (un) kalypto (covered or hidden) points toward what is uncovered, revealed, by catastrophic challenges. As Puerto Rico’s people began the long struggle toward recovery, much was uncovered. In the months that followed, the strength of the churches, the resilience of the island’s people, and the common will to rebuild was evident. Evident also were the effects of trauma exacerbated by the chronic challenges of food insecurity, structural racism, a challenged infrastructure, an unjust debt burden hampering not only the island’s recovery but its ongoing ability to thrive and the Covid-19 pandemic. In this travel study seminar we will enjoy the beauty of the island and her people, hear from Puerto Ricans engaged in long term disaster recovery, policy advocacy and sustainable development. We will see how the Presbyterian Church and its three presbyteries in the Synod of Boriquen are working in partnership to support vulnerable communities; welcome U.S. volunteers to participate in rebuilding and better understanding; engage in creative partnerships to strengthen Puerto Rico’s food sustainability, access to power and clean water; and invite all of us to challenge the structures, laws, and colonial practices that continue to harm Puerto Rico.

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The seminar will last for 7 days.  Travel days are Mondays, March 13 and 20. Participants will be away for one Sunday.  Accommodations are double-occupancy. Some single-occupancy rooms may be available for an additional charge.  Those who choose to extend their travel either before or after the seminar may do so on their own and at their own expense.  


The maximum cost of this seminar is $1,795, but will most likely be less, depending upon group size and lodging secured. Cost is per person double occupancy including all seminar expenses (meals, accommodations, program, tips, tours, in-country transport). Airline transportation to and from Puerto Rico is not included.

Application Due Date

Applications will be due by November 15, 2022. After that time, applications will be considered as space is available.

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A sample schedule/itinerary and online application form are available on the Peacemaking Program’s Travel Study Seminar webpage or by calling 888-728-7228 x 5805.