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    A Tribute to Mrs. Lee

    As the sun set on the eve of Ash Wednesday, a somber call reached me from my family in South Korea, delivering the news of my grandmother, Mrs. Lee's passing. Though anticipated, the weight of her absence was profound. [...] As I bid farewell to Mrs. Lee, in this season of Lent, I cherish the lessons she imparted and the legacy of strength, love, and wisdom she leaves behind. In her absence, I find comfort in memories of her indomitable spirit, a guiding light through life's highs and lows.

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    Thinking, Praying, and Living Our Faith in God

    In November 2023, during the Moderator’s Conference of PC(USA), the Office of Theology and Worship embarked on a significant endeavor tied to our everyday responsibilities, as previously mentioned in one of our blog posts in November. At the conference, we delved into the themes of Thinking, Praying, and Living, emphasizing their profound importance in our mission and ministry. [...] I am delighted to share this reflection on our work three months after the Moderator's Conference, underscoring the interconnectedness of thinking Soul, praying Heart, and living within the Body of Christ. This frame is reflected well in our current Everyday God-talk blog “categories.” It is through this holistic approach that we…

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    Celebrating Everyday Heroes in Black History Month

    Today, as we kick off Black History Month, I want to bring attention to a significant initiative by PHS on their blog: the "African American Leaders" series, which was initiated in 2023. This project sheds light on the history of African American leaders in the PC(USA), depicting the everyday reality of these individuals within the denomination. While some are well-known figures, many are still to be recognized as extraordinary everyday heroes and saints in our church.