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A Real-Life Example: Hastings College

Last month, we highlighted an exciting opportunity—the Teaching the Bible Grant (a.k.a. TBG). If you’re involved with a Presbyterian Church (USA) affiliated secondary school, college, or university, this grant is something you should definitely consider.

A Real-Life Example: Hastings College

Hastings College is a great example of how this Teaching the Bible Grant can be used for meaningful work. Last year, they received the grant and have since hosted a variety of events for Presbyterian college students.

2023 Fall Retreat: Enneagram and Biblical Teachings: “What’s Your Number? The Enneagram, the Bible, and Mental Health”

This past fall, Hastings College took 10 students and two facilitators on a two-day retreat to explore the intersections of Biblical teachings and the Enneagram. Students delved into spirituality based on their Enneagram numbers and experimented with spiritual practices inspired by the Bible. They even provided feedback, requesting a longer retreat not scheduled during the fall break, and these adjustments will be made possible with the saved funds from the TOBG for the 2024 retreat.

Rev. Edgar Schambach, a guest facilitator, led this retreat. He guided students in using the Enneagram for self-reflection and emotional intelligence. He shared that the Enneagram remains a powerful tool for growing in self-awareness in the light of God’s grace and deepening one’s spiritual life. He facilitated a retreat focused on student mental and spiritual health, utilizing the Enneagram, the Bible, and contemplative practices. The retreat occurred at St. Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska, known for its serene setting and excellent facilities.

2024 Fall Retreat: Exploring the Book of Joshua

In spring 2024, Rev. Doodle Harris, Project Director and Chaplain, will lead a retreat using the Book of Joshua to explore the challenges students face in pursuing a successful career, healthy relationships, and a meaningful life. Insights from this retreat will help inform future expansions of student retreats and Bible studies aimed at addressing daily frustrations and mental health challenges.

Other Noteworthy Events at Hastings College

Hastings College is also hosting other events funded by various grants, including:

  • Open Call: Learn more here.
  • Compelling Preaching Conference: Find out more here.

For detailed information about applying for the Teaching the Bible Grant, refer to the latest guidelines and visit the TBG webpage.

By leveraging grants like these, Presbyterian institutions can create enriching and spiritually nurturing experiences for their students. We encourage you to consider how this opportunity of the Teaching the Bible Grant (TBG) could benefit your community.