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Everyday God Talk

Everyday God-Talk

Everyday God-talk is an in-between space. We talk about God we experience at everyday intersection of personal situation and public arenas. We experience extraordinary God at this ordinary venue which can reform and transform our ways of being and doing in relation to God and the world. These ways of being and doing, or becoming, can take place in our Soul (theology and wisdom we inherit from our families and ancestors), Body (ministry and practice we engage in our church, communities, institutions, and the Body of Christ), and Heart (prayers and contemplative space where we keep relationship with God and the world). At everyday God-talk, these three ordinary spaces – Soul, Body, Heart – eventually shape the knowledge of God in mind, i.e., theology.

We collect extraordinary stories of ordinary people of Presbyterian Church (USA) and our neighbors and friends – leaders, theologians, laypeople, elders, and young adults at our ecumenical, global, and interfaith venues. We trust these stories can become the resources for our congregations. We don’t aim for comprehensive or exhaustive conversations about certain topics. However, our God-talkers are everyday experts of their ministry areas who can generate engaging conversations about their concrete local context. Feel free to comment on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, or email us.

In this track, we talk about God in everyday language and through everyday perspectives. We hope to bridge the gap between what’s going on at church, what’s happening in our everyday lives, and many theologians in the U.S. and beyond.

In this track, we talk about Reformed Theology in various versions and in the changing contexts. The reformation history, theology, constitution, and Book of Confessions matter. They are the product of concrete historical and socio-political contexts. What are the lessons of these traditions and what legacy we want to remember? What kind of un/intentional harms we need address and face? How do they still resonate with us living the 21st century of postmodern, post-colonial, and post-pandemic world?

In this track, we invite diverse Presbyterian Leaders to bring their concrete local experience to the intersection of God-talk. We listen to their theology of soul, their ministry in the Body of Christ, and their spiritual practice for their heart in ministry and God.

In this track, we invite Presbyterians and our friends who are resting and growing — pastors and teachers in-between calls, on sabbatical, and retired. We encourage you to find some stories and voices that resonate with you.


a. Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery

In response to a referral from the 224th General Assembly (2020) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) for the Presbyterian Mission Agency to develop theological resources for how the church has benefited at the expense of Native American peoples, a consultation was held with Native American leaders at Stony Point Center in New York Sept. 13-15, 2022.

b. Love your neighbor: Confronting antisemitism and Islamophobia

A webinar exploring the General Assembly-approved “Study Document on Denouncing Antisemitism and Islamophobia.” Together, we can repent and repair.

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