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Grant Programs for PCUSA related schools, colleges, and universities

Dear everyday god-talk community,

🎓 Exciting opportunity alert! 🚀Presenting the “Teaching the Bible Grant”! 📖 If you’re involved in coordinating programs at PCUSA-related colleges, universities, or secondary schools, this grant is tailor-made for you! ✨

Spread the good news and encourage your colleagues to apply, too! Don’t miss out on this chance to make an impact. Apply now using the link Teaching the Bible Grant provided here! #TeachingTheBibleGrant #PCUSA 

Grant Programs for PCUSA related schools, colleges, and universities

Supports teaching the Bible at Presbyterian-related colleges, universities, and secondary schools. In 2024 there are four  opportunities available.

Deadline: First Friday in March, June, September

There is $100,000 in funding available for grants in 2024. We will consider any grant proposals that use the Bible and the beliefs of reformed Christians to serve the needs of the student and school. You are welcome to use the focus topic in the guidelines OR to propose a use that incorporates the Bible and the beliefs of reformed Christians. We will consider grant requests in excess of $15,000 for programs that benefit more than one related school, college, or university.

The guidelines are found here: www.pcusa.org/Bible

$10,000 Grant to support equipping people to use the Bible as a tool for tending their mental health and their psychological and spiritual well-being. 

$15,000 John C. Martin Award

Offered to Menaul School, Presbyterian Pan American School. and Stillman College

To learn more about the John C. Martin Award, the guidelines are available at www.pcusa.org/Martin

$10,000 Wolf-Schick Award

Offered to Warren Wilson College. If the fund remains available after June 1, any Presbyterian-related college or university may apply. Used for maintenance of buildings and equipment for the same.

Offered for September

$2,500 Campus Ministry grant to support Matthew 25 Bible Study

To learn more about Presbyterian Mission Agency Matthew 25 initiative https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/matthew-25/

and resources: https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/matthew-25/matt-25-resources/

Revised: 1/31/2024