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    Some November Everyday of the Office of Theology and Worship

    In the course of our daily responsibilities at the Office of Theology and Worship, two noteworthy events unfolded in the month of November. Firstly, we participated in the Moderators’ Conference 2023 where, among other contributions, our esteemed colleagues adeptly coordinated the worship service and other events. [...] Additionally, during the AAR/SBL 2023 in San Antonio, the Office of Theology and Worship provided a spiritual and religious haven for the scholars at our connectional church. The Morning Prayer of PC(USA), co-sponsored by the Committee on Theological Education and the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, served as a meaningful gathering.

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    Racism as a Public Health Crisis

    In 2022, the 225th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) reviewed, approved, and transmitted a resolution from the Racial Equity Advocacy Committee (REAC) identifying racism as a public health crisis. This resolution urged Presbyterians to raise their consciousness and awareness about this crisis's theological, bioethical, and public health perspectives and to respond with specific actions. The subsequent statement briefly delineates key theological and bioethical affirmations central to this crisis, aiming to heighten the church’s awareness. REAC monitored, reviewed, and revised the statement accordingly.

  • 1.a. Reformed Theology

    Presbyterianism as a Way of Life

    “Being Presbyterian is a way of life. It is made up of the habits of life of Protestant human beings, being people who have something to Pro-test, something to dissent about. Presbyterians and many other Protestants, when we are true to our calling, resist the debasement of Christianity."