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    Confidentiality; a Cornerstone of Pastoral Care

    I firmly believe in pastoral care's unique and essential role, which is distinct from therapy sessions, preaching, and worship. My own faith journey has been deeply enriched by the pastoral care provided by PCUSA ministers, who supported me in various forms, alongside therapists, friends, and congregations. As pastors, it seems crucial that we embrace and carefully fulfill this distinct role of pastoral care, especially in communities where the congregation may be smaller but tightly knit.

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    Grant Programs for PCUSA related schools, colleges, and universities

    🎓 Exciting opportunity alert! 🚀Presenting the "Teaching the Bible Grant"! 📖 If you're involved in coordinating programs at PCUSA-related colleges, universities, or secondary schools, this grant is tailor-made for you! ✨ Spread the good news and encourage your colleagues to apply, too! Don't miss out on this chance to make an impact. Apply now using the link Teaching the Bible Grant provided here! #TeachingTheBibleGrant #PCUSA 

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    Everyday, Everybody Moves!

    We're thrilled to launch the inaugural post in our new ministry initiative, "Everyday Move." This section is all about sharing short video clips that capture moments inspired by the Holy Spirit—think YouTube shorts or Instagram Reels. Let's dive straight into the experience without too much preamble. Check out our first feature—a dynamic video clip from Megan Gordon, a leader among our New Worshipping Communities and the Director of Haven School of Dance.

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    Clergy in Collars, Getting Coffee

    The pandemic took a very interesting turn. The number of pastors began podcasting, YouTubing, Instagramming, TikTok-ing, and hosting webinars. [...] It’s hard to pick out which podcast to listen to, video to watch, or webinar to join. I am sharing these podcasts by Leah Ntuala, not because they are the most advanced forms, but because they represent the authentic voice of pastoral conversation about the daily experiences of pastors. Please note, “everyday” is not synonymous with average or common. We are still on a journey of defining what “everyday” entails, so let’s not rush to conclusions. I hope you can hear the authentic yet unique voices of pastors from them.