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Celebrating Everyday Heroes in Black History Month

Hello, Everyday God-Talk Community!

This week, I had the privilege of visiting the Presbyterian Historical Society while on the road of my personal trip. More stories about this “personal tour,” particularly at PHS, will be shared in the near future.

Today, as we kick off Black History Month, I want to bring attention to a significant initiative by PHS on their blog: the “African American Leaders” series, which was initiated in 2023. This project sheds light on the history of African American leaders in the PC(USA), depicting the everyday reality of these individuals within the denomination. While some are well-known figures, many are still to be recognized as extraordinary everyday heroes and saints in our church.

Check out African American Leaders series! According to PHS, this is…

“A blog series that celebrates the lives and work of Black Presbyterians. Each month in 2023, we’ve published biographies of African American ministers, educators, organizers, theologians, and human rights activists. And, included in each blog post is a free bulletin insert that churches can download and share with their congregation. Continue reading to learn more about these trailblazers and stay-tuned as we’ll continue the series in 2024.”