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    Is an apology enough?

    Over the past several years, the Office of Theology and Worship (PMA), in partnership with Native American Intercultural Congregational Support (PMA), has been contemplating and discussing the General Assembly referrals concerning the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery. Together, we navigated its profound implications for various Native American communities and the crucial steps to move forward. Initially tasked with developing resources and curricula, we soon realized the complexity of these endeavors far exceeded our initial expectations.

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    A story about praying

    Instead of a prayer, here is a story from five years ago about praying – may it speak to you [...] After a fruitful conversation, and when we finished our meal, Charles stood to leave for his son’s basketball game. That’s when the woman stood, took the half step needed to cross the aisle in the restaurant and spoke. [...] We are made from dust. And to the dust we will all return. But until we do, moments of grace will find us. Thanks be to God.

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    Celebrating Women’s History Month

    Celebrating Women’s History Month, ironically, I found some inspiration in the form of the theatre performance "Becoming a Man.” It is a story of a woman’s body transitioning to a man’s body, how it could entail complications in relationships, friendships, mental health, and physical health, and how it is a life-death decision that is complex with heavyweight yet with hopeful possibility for the liberation in the future only when you are true to yourself past and present. [...] Celebrating Women’s History Month with genuine heart, soul, and body, along with all communities’ history with uniqueness, I carefully raise these questions. Not to erase anybody’s identity, but to truly embrace who…

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    Christian Zionism?

    Amidst the global movement for peace in Gaza, it may be useful to investigate one facet of the Israel-Palestine conflict: Christian Zionism. Please note: This exploration offers just a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of the region. This blog post is not intended to endorse any political stance or theological doctrine. Rather, it aims to shed light on a historical and theological aspect that has influenced the evolving landscape, offering insights that could prove valuable to the church community.