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MLK holiday brings three NJ congregations together

Presbytery of the Palisades

November 29, 2016

In the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., three northern NJ churches have rehabilitated a church in need of repairs.

Over the MLK holiday weekend in January 2016, the Presbyterian Church at Tenafly and Old Bergen Church of Jersey City teamed up for a construction project at the Mideast Evangelical Church in Jersey City to remodel, insulate and paint a fellowship hall, reinforce a hand rail, share in a delicious Middle Eastern meal, hear stories, and commemorate the MLK Day of Service.

“The most joyous was seeing people from different socioeconomic, racial-ethnic [backgrounds] working together  and finding how much they have in common,” noted Clerk Adina Yacoub of the Mideast church.

During Sunday fellowship, while enjoying basbousa dessert, Mideast congregants led a discussion about the aftermath of September 11, 2001. One hospital pharmacist shared that all people with Arabic last names were called into a room on September 12 and told to go home until they had all their proper paperwork. Rev. Jon Brown of Old Bergen also discussed how new high rises in Jersey City could displace long-term communities, like those of Egyptian Christians.

The weekend concluded with a worship service at the Mideast Evangelical Church on Monday, celebrating Dr. King.

“His family asked that the holiday always be observed in community service, with neighbors unlike themselves, to make the community a better place,” noted Rev. Eileen Lindner of Tenafly.

Veronica MacDonald Ditko, Senior Administrative Assistant, Presbytery of the Palisades, Rochelle Park, New Jersey

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Dear Lord, you taught us that people of different backgrounds can mesh together because you are in the midst of them. Amen.

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