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Successful Yard Gardens

A letter from Mark Hare in the U.S., on Interpretation Assignment from Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Ridgill tells Triennium worshipers that God is F-U-N

No overcast sky could dampen the enthusiasm of the more than 4,700 worshipers who exited Thursday afternoon’s service at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium being held this week on the campus of Purdue University.

The Trouble with Mission

A letter from Cindy Corell in the U.S., on Interpretation Assignment from Haiti

PC(USA) seminary news

A compilation of news from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and other seminaries Presbyterian News Service Gregg Brekke A compilation of news from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) seminaries including Auburn Theological Seminary, Austin Presbyterian… Read more »

Food Week of Action and World Food Day

  October 15-22, 2023 2023 Food Week of Action Post Your Event or Action Educational and Worship Materials Co-Sponsors   Join us in building more equitable and ecological food &… Read more »

International Development & Advocacy

At this time, we are lifting up the need to respond further in nations suffering from extreme hunger and famine, including Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, and South Sudan. Learn more. Presbyterian… Read more »


What is Cents-Ability?

A strategy for raising awareness — and funds — for the fight against hunger

Cents-Ability logoCents-Ability is a small first step in the battle against hunger and poverty. Congregations invite every member — of all ages — to contribute a few cents at every meal. This simple act is an expression of thanks for what we have received. It is also a commitment to share with others in response to Jesus’ command “You give them something to eat.” When members bring their offerings to church on the appointed Sunday, all of those coins “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” as they are received and dedicated.

These small acts of faithfulness can add up: One hundred persons in a congregation will contribute $180 a month at two cents a meal. That’s $2,160 dollars a year. A 30,000-member presbytery has the potential of raising over $1.6 million annually at a nickle a meal.