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Click on individual sites to learn about work opportunities, placement options, living circumstances, and to read current YAVs’ blogs. Follow @yavprogram for behind-the-scene insights!

International Sites

Peru (not available for 2023-24)
Philippines (not available for 2023-24)
South Korea 

National Sites

Albuquerque (not available for 2023-24)
New Orleans
Washington DC (not available for 2023-24)
Asheville (not available for 2023-24)
New York City

The applicant, the site coordinator and the YAV staff work together through a mutual discernment interview process for placement of each YAV. Candidates are encouraged to enter the discernment process with an open-mind and consider all sites (nationally and internationally) before narrowing their options. As a program, we take the unique safety concerns at each individual site seriously and work with local partners to ensure each YAV’s safety throughout the year, including contingency plans.