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AETE, is a non-profit academic institution with a Christian identity that dedicates itself to biblical, theological, and pastoral training of ecclesial leaders through its Baccalaureate, Diploma, and International Certificate programs. It was established twenty-three years ago by evangelical Christian people, institutions, and churches with the aim of developing an alternative and progressive educational program in the field of biblical-theological training, with evangelical identity and ecumenical practice. We began our work as a University Campus of the Latin American Biblical University of Costa Rica in 1998 until 2012. Then we formed the Faculty of Theology and Religion – AETE and we continued the work of service to the churches in theological training. To date we have a decentralized program in the outlying districts of Lima (North and South) as well as a presence in the regions of Lambayeque and Cajamarca. We have agreements with churches, NGOs and social movements of Christian inspiration.

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Program Description

Young Adult Volunteers in Peru serve with one of the partners of AETE in Lima, Moyobamba, Cajamarca or Lambayeque. Each YAV is placed by the Site Coordinator based on interests, needs and skill sets. To facilitate immersion into the local culture and to strengthen community ties, each YAV lives with a host family.

Site Coordinator

Jenny Valles is originally from Moyobamba in the high jungles of Peru. Upon finishing her studies, she settled in Lima where she lives now with her husband, Jed, and their son Thiago. Jenny has been the YAV Site Coordinator in Peru since 2013.

How do I apply?

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Intentional Community Living

Learning to build relationships in intentional community is a hallmark of the YAV year in Peru.  One of the primary communities that sustains each YAV in Peru is the host family. Each YAV will live with a Peruvian family in the town or city where they are serving. Listen to Peru YAV alum, Kristen, speak about her experience of living with a host family.

A second community that is instrumental to the daily life of each YAV is the community formed through the work site placement. Listen to Peru YAV alum, Juliana, speak about the impact of building relationships with co-workers and others in the town where she served.

A third community that provides emotional and spiritual support is the Peru YAV community. Even though the YAVs in Peru live apart from one another in different regions of the country, developing intentional community among themselves is an integral part of the year of service. This community is formed and fostered during an initial 10-day orientation upon arrival to Peru, led by the site coordinator. Also, the YAVs gather three times throughout the year for week-long retreats led by the site coordinator. When the YAVs are not together in one place, they maintain regular communication with each other and the site coordinator through group chats, email and other accessible technologies.


Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) is a service and leadership development program through the World Mission division of the PC(USA). Young adults serve for one year in the U.S. or internationally, in areas such as fair trade or environmental issues, and have the opportunity to experience Christianity in a new culture. YAVs are between ages 19 and 30. Check out the YAV program blog here. 


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Below are the placement opportunities for YAVs in Peru for the 2024-25 YAV year.

  • Defense, empowerment and organization of women in the regions of Lambayeque and Cajamarca.
  • Gender and women’s leadership within the evangelical churches of Lima.
  • Environmental justice and development of projects to apply within ecclesiastical communities.
  • Inclusion program for deaf children in the jungle area of Peru.


Age: 21-29

Education: College degree required

Other: A basic level of Spanish speaking skills is expected, but special consideration will be given to a motivated volunteer with little or no Spanish language skills. A volunteer’s Spanish abilities will be assessed during an interview with the Site Coordinator.