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The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the National Council of Presbyterian Men have a Covenant of Agreement. The Council was officially established in 1948 but can trace its beginnings to 1906-1907. The mission of Presbyterian Men is to lead men into a vital relationship with Christ and to assist them in their spiritual, personal and community development.

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Covenant Of Agreement between Presbyterian Men and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


  • the fact that God created humanity in the image of God, male and female they were created;
  • our historic Presbyterian commitment to educating men and women for ministry;
  • our historic Presbyterian commitment to gender-specific programming; and
  • the significant role that Presbyterian Men, or its predecessor organizations, have played in responding to the call of Christ through the Church to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20).

This document describes a covenant, not a contract; it is based on relationships and trust with specific responsibilities for all parties. It is agreed each partner will assume sole responsibility for its own actions and the creation and signing of this covenant does not hold either party legally liable for the actions of the other.

History of Presbyterian Men

In 1895 the first mandate for a ministry with men came from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. Presbyterian Men can trace their roots back to 1906-1907 with three major men’s groups: The Presbyterian Brotherhood (UPCUSA), the Men’s Missionary League (UPNA), and the Layman’s Missionary Movement (PCUS).

In 1923, Northern church men’s work began in congregations and presbyteries.

In 1932, the General Assembly of the PCUS declared men’s work as “men working in the church.”

In 1948, the church set up the National Council of Presbyterian Men and UPNA reorganized men’s work. Both thrived before merging in 1972 into United Presbyterian Men. In 1949, the PCUS set up a Division of Men’s Work, which thrived for twenty years. Reorganization in 1972 abolished it from the General Assembly structure. In 1982, several PCUS synods worked together to hold a convention in Atlanta, Georgia, and established the Men of the Church Council. In 1984, the Men of the Church Council and the United Presbyterian Men merged into a new National Council of Presbyterian Men, with each synod sending a representative to serve on the National Council and the National Board.

In 1997, the National Council of Presbyterian Men restructured to streamline its administration in an attempt to work closer with synods, presbyteries and congregations. The National Council of Presbyterian Men continues to hold annual Council meetings, plan and coordinate men’s assemblies, assist with the development of resources for men’s ministries, and promote the use of denominational resources for men’s ministry for use by all men’s groups throughout the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

In 2002 the National Council of Presbyterian Men Inc. were incorporated in the state of Wisconsin and received a federal tax exemption under section 501 (c) (3) from the IRS.

In 2007, the National Council of Presbyterian Men Inc. (a/k/a NCPMI, Presbyterian Men), adopted an extra alternative name, National Presbyterian Men’s Ministry (NPMM), to more fully describe the purpose of Presbyterian Men.

Also in 2007 NPMM and National Association of Presbyterian Scouters (NAPS), entered into a covenant relationship with the goal to bring men and youth to a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. This Relationship is a partnership to cooperate to seek and perform the goals of our mutual objective of service of men and youth of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

The General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is responsible for leader and resource development in the Church’s ministry with men.

Presbyterian Men remains a strong arm of the total program for Men’s Ministries.

Purpose of Presbyterian Men

The Mission of Presbyterian Men is to lead men into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and to assist them in their spiritual, personal and community development. The goals of Presbyterian Men are as follows:

  • To develop their understanding of the mission of the Church and to assist congregations in nurturing men of the church to mature discipleship;
  • To encourage men through their commitment to Christ, to fulfill the ministry to which men are called in their families, in their daily work, in their ministry to other people and in the community and world;
  • To involve men of various racial and ethnic backgrounds and men of different ages.


  1. Seek to strengthen and expand the participation of men in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
  2. Provide support in every synod and presbytery in the development and growth of men’s ministries.
  3. Hold annual meetings of the National Council of Presbyterian Men, Inc.
  4. Hold a national gathering for men throughout the church at least triennially.
  5. Prepare an annual report of its activities to the GAMC.
  6. Support and promote the use of materials prepared by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
  7. Maintain an effective men’s ministry and institute a financial program with the goal of being “self sufficient”.
  8. Maintain a Presbyterian Men’s office in Louisville with a cadre of volunteers.
  9. Maintain a current “Manual of the Executive Board of NCPM, Inc.” to handle the matters formerly accomplished by Louisville staff.
  10. Transfer its Web site to with assistance of the Office of Communications Internet Services Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Close its Web site upon completion of the transfer


Provide support to Presbyterian Men, such as:

  1. Advocate for the role of Presbyterian Men at events such as the meeting of the General Assembly and through the “Men of the Church Emphasis Day” (the third Sunday in June),
  2. Maintain liaison with the Executive Board of Presbyterian Men,
  3. Provide support for, and attend the annual meetings of; the Executive Board and the National Council of Presbyterian Men Inc.,
  4. Engage the assistance of Presbyterian Men in development and promotion of resources throughout the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),
  5. Provide space and support for volunteers in the Louisville office,
  6. Provide Louisville address for Presbyterian Men and set up a lock box to handle charter, Churchman of the Year, and other financial items, as well as gifts and donations that come for Presbyterian Men. Handle the transfer of papers to registrar designated by Executive Board of NCPM, Inc. and transfers to specified banks on a regular basis.
  7. Promote a Presbyterian Men’s Web site in cooperation with the Publications and Communication Committee of NPMM. Provide assistance of the Office of Communications Internet Services Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.): 1) to transfer Web site to and close; 2) to maintain such Web site and provide webmaster services.
  8. Provide newsletter design and layout services for NPMM’s quarterly newsletter, not exceeding 20 pages, and to post such newsletter to the Web site as requested by NPMM.
  9. Provide addressing and mailing services, “at the cost and expense of NPMM”, for mailing NPMM’s quarterly newsletter as requested by NPMM.
  10. Support the full participation and access to representation for men and greater inclusiveness of the Church’s ministry with men by establishing the membership of the President of Presbyterian Men on the General Assembly Mission Council.


This covenant, as here written, shall become effective with ratification by the Executive Board of the National Council of Presbyterian Men Inc. and the General Assembly Mission Council. When approved, this covenant shall be signed and dated by the National President of Presbyterian Men Inc. and the Moderator of the General Assembly Mission Council. A copy of the signed document shall be maintained by each entity.

It is understood that nothing in this statement shall conflict with the Bylaws of the Presbyterian Men Inc., with the policies of the General Assembly Mission Council, or the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

The covenant shall be reviewed every other year, or at anytime upon the request of either party, and amended if necessary.

Signed this 14th Day of February, 2008
By: Kyung-il Ghymn
Title: President, National Council of Presbyterian Men Inc.

Signed this 14th Day of February, 2008
By: Joseph D. Small
Title: President, General Assembly Mission Council, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

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Presbyterian Scouters

2018 Executive Board

Dr. Robert W. James
Sr. Moderator
(910) 822-2355
Wilson Blair
Vice- Moderator
(256) 216-6885
J Tom Allen
(804) 740-8624
Keith B. Daniels
(415) 834-3078


Gregory L Reid
Black Men’s Representative
(917) 319-5117
Rev. Jorge Abdala
Hispanic/Latino Men’s Representative
(650) 504-6904
Kiheon Cho
Korean Men’s Representative
(317) 652-7783
Richard Vendiola
Native American Men’s Representative
(253) 273-2591


Douglas G. Thomas
Membership Committee Chair
(505) 896-0479
Rev. Dr. Ben Keller
Pastor Advisor; Director of Missions
(719) 542-7322
Rev. Gary Pennington
Pastor Advisor
(502) 548-7868
Nathan Rolofson
Webmaster-Newsletter Editor
(712) 360-1923


Marvin Brangan
Immediate Past Moderator
Nominating Committee Chair

(757) 495-4293


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