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The Asian Congregational Support Office works with Asian constituencies to assist with issues related to Asian American ministries. We work to develop resources for leadership development, to help in new church development projects, to consult with issues in church redevelopment, to facilitate leadership training conferences and to provide staff service to the Southeast Asian Advisory Committee. The office also works with other General Assembly program areas, offices and mid councils.

Our goals for our work with the PC(USA) General Assembly include developing Asian evangelism and church development strategies, recruiting Asian people to go into full-time ministry, to participate in mission and ministry in Asian countries, to develop resources for Asian Sunday School teachers and assist Asian congregations in stewardship.




Empowering Asian Caucuses and Councils: Strengthening Connections and Leadership

by Ralph Su

The Asian Intercultural Congregation Support Office collaborates closely with Asian constituencies, currently comprising 10 distinct caucuses and councils. The office is dedicated to fostering leadership development, organizing impactful leadership training conferences, and delivering essential staff services. These efforts extend to the Southeast Asian Advisory Committee, where assistance is provided to address matters concerning Asian American ministries and congregations.

Over the past three years, the support initiatives for these 10 caucuses and language groups have been primarily conducted through online and remote platforms. However, starting in early 2023, a number of councils have taken the initiative to plan and host in-person conferences and gatherings.

In the month of April, the National Taiwanese Presbyterian Council (NTPC), representing 42 Taiwanese congregations, convened its 2023 meeting at Grace Presbyterian Church, a congregation where the Taiwanese American Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas gathers. The overarching theme for this event was “Building Congregational Vitality and Strengthening Church Leadership,” aligning with the foci of “Becoming the Church of Matthew 25.” Highlights of the meeting included a panel discussion on “NTPC Next Steps” and a keynote address on “Awareness and Preparation of Cross-Generational Church Leaders.” Notably, Rev. Prachuab Dechawan, Senior Pastor of the First Thai-Laotian Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, known for its worship with at least 7 cultural groups, was invited to share insights on “How to Become a Community Church.”

Moving to late June, the National Asian Presbyterian Women (NAPW) held its triennial gathering in Houston, commemorating both the 50th anniversary of NAPW and the 35th anniversary of South APW. Rev. Shanea Leonard, Director of Racial Equity and Women’s Intercultural Ministries, delivered a compelling message on the theme: “Arise, Shine, For Your Light Has Come.”

In mid-July, the National Asian Presbyterian Council (NAPC) convened, bringing together leaders from its 11 caucuses to address the pressing topic of “Passing the Baton.” During this biannual meeting, CLP Stephen Koh shared insights on promoting the vocation of Commissioned Ruling Elders to augment pastoral leadership and foster collaboration with established “mother” churches. Noteworthy at this gathering was the election of Aimee Patimeteeporn, a young adult Elder from the First Thai-Laotian Presbyterian Church, as the new moderator of NAPC.

Early August witnessed the dynamic assembly of over 130 individuals, spanning different generations and states, at the 2023 National Vietnamese Presbyterian Council meeting (NVPC) and family camp held at the Zephyr Point Conference Center. The commitment displayed by attendees was exemplified by a group of three families who undertook a 12-hour overnight drive to participate. They gathered for fellowship and learning the theme: “gain Christ”.

These gatherings represent the diverse ministry of the Asian caucuses and councils, a testimony to their dedication, resilience, and shared mission of engaging PMA’s “Matthew 25” movement.

Rev. Ralph Su, Associate for Asian Intercultural Congregational Support

The Rev. Ralph Su is the Associate for Asian Intercultural Congregational Support. He is a minister member of San Gabriel Presbytery and has served congregations, new church developments, and new worshiping communities in California, Ohio, and New Jersey. He taught Christian Education at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary in Taipei, Taiwan. He will work with mid-councils to revitalize Asian congregations, to grow new worshiping communities and to facilitate the development of resources for various Asian language groups.

Please contact Rev. Ralph Su at (800) 728-7228 Ext.5682, or email him at



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