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Once Advent comes and goes, Presbyterians can pause for Lent by spending time with the psalms

Even as they look forward to Advent in a few weeks, Presbyterians will be peeking into Lent by mid-February. With her book “Pause: Spending Lent with the Psalms” scheduled for publication by Westminster John Knox Press on Jan. 2, 2024, the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Caldwell discussed the rhythms of the Lenten season recently with Simon Doong and the Rev. Lee Catoe, who host “A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast.”

International Peacemakers welcomed and commissioned for service during program in Louisville, Kentucky

Singing “We Will Go Out with Joy,” the 2023 International Peacemakers capped off a worship service that aired Wednesday and served a dual purpose — marking Thursday’s International Day of Peace (one day early) and providing an official send-off for the newcomers who’ll be sharing the triumphs and struggles of their home countries with Presbyterians throughout the country.

Author of a book on dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery appears on the PC(USA)’s ‘A Matter of Faith’ podcast

A few days ahead of the launch of a PC(USA) study on Sarah Augustine’s 2021 book, “The Land is Not Empty: Following Jesus in Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery,” the author appeared on “A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast” to discuss the harms that the 15th century doctrine brought about and repair work in which people of faith can engage today.