Leadership Development for Leaders of Color


In Leadership Development for Leaders of Color, we help plan, coordinate and promote people of color and women’s leadership institutes. Leadership institutes identify, equip and connect people of color, who are teaching and ruling elders, with leadership opportunities in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This ministry also strengthens and nurtures the gifts of people of color leaders, and inspires them to greater leadership roles in congregations, mid councils and in General Assembly agencies.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has an institutional relationship agreement with four historically Presbyterian Racial Ethnic Institutions, which educate people of color for professions of their choice, taking into account their racial heritage. We provide staff support to the Presidents Roundtable of the Historically Presbyterian Racial Ethnic Institutions.

We also assist church leaders in starting and transforming worshiping communities through mission program grants. The Office of Mission Program Grants carries out this work in conjunction with the Mission Development Resources Committee, which is responsible for allocating funding to projects and the development of policies and procedures for grants in the program.

The Leadership Development for Leaders of Color Office recruits people of color for leadership opportunities in the PC(USA). The ministry also empowers people of color and women to serve fully in the life of the church through opportunities to explore vocational discernment and networking. The office inspires leadership qualities by cultivating, nurturing and sustaining diverse, transformational leaders for Christ’s mission.



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