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Director’s Message


From the Director Column – by Denise Anderson

Mission Program and other Grants Supporting 1001 Worshiping Communities and congregations of color Clergywomen, Congregations & Women of Color, Native Americans and Mid Councils in the PC(USA)

“… to equip the saints for the work of ministry…”
— Ephesians 4:12

Mission Program Grants are grants made available through Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries (RE&WIM) of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. The grants support the transforming work of new worshiping communities and mid councils.

Mission Program Grants are awarded to new worshiping communities to encourage an environment where new worshiping communities thrive. The RE&WIM vision is to “create an awareness of systemic racism in the church, and create an environment where Presbyterians of color, new immigrants, and women in congregations, mid councils and other groups can serve fully in ministry and leadership.”

In addition to the Mission Program Grants, RE&WIM offers other grants and funding sources to assist congregations of color throughout the denomination to strengthen their ministries and remain a vital part of communities across the country.

With the grace of God, RE&WIM grants not only assist new worshiping communities but also help provide education and/or leadership development opportunities for Native American Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders, organizations and communities.

Prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic, RE&WIM was instrumental in helping congregations stay connected through our technology grants.

RE&WIM also provides scholarships that support PC(USA) clergywomen, college women of color and other women of color with opportunities for leadership and spiritual development, helping women to develop leadership gifts and be equipped for even greater service in the PC(USA).

We encourage you to learn more about the various grants and funding opportunities offered to PC(USA) congregations and new worshiping communities. Click here for more information.

Be the Change! Connect with the Office of Mission Program Grants and contact your mid council or congregation to establish a 1001 New Worshiping Community.