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Director’s Message


DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE — December 2019

Blessed Are You Among Women

Rhashell Hunter

By Rhashell Hunter

“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your
— Luke 1:42b (NRSV)

The name “Mary” means “excellence,” and one of the greetings given to her is “O Graced One.” Mary is graced, favored by God. Her relative, Elizabeth called her “Blessed among women.” But we don’t really know a lot about Jesus’ mother. What we have of her are little stories and images. We think of the innocent young girl, the faithful woman, the powerful mother, the neglected relative, the beloved mother of Jesus.

One image of Mary that many of us do not think of, though, is from the book of Acts. It is the image of Mary as the praying minister, following Jesus’ death. If you look closely in the book of Acts, you’ll see that Mary was with the disciples after Jesus died, and on the day of Pentecost, she was most likely also one who received the Holy Spirit, and she began praying with the disciples. She started out faithfully saying “Here I am,” and we last see her praying with the disciples before Pentecost (Acts 1:14). Mary’s life was filled with pain and wonder, heartache and miracles, yet she was blessed among women.

This season, we remember Jesus and the community of Christian witnesses surrounding him, including his mother Mary. We remember the star that filled the night, and the shepherds that led others to where the Christ child lay. We remember the wise ones and seekers, looking for the One who is God’s child. We join with others to pay our respects, to give homage, to peer into the manger, and kneel before the Christ child once again. Blessings and honor and glory to Christ this Christmas and always.

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