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Scars of nuclear colonialism in the Marshall Islands

By Bedi Racule | Ecological and Climate Justice Program with the Pacific Conference of Churches A remote group of tiny islands that are isolated and sparsely populated… This is how U.S. officials viewed the Marshall Islands when they chose them as testing sites for their nuclear weapons testing programs. This perspective vastly differs from the… Read more »

New Guide Supports the Self Determination of Indigenous Peoples

On Indigenous People’s Day, we celebrate the publication of a new guide that will assist Indigenous Peoples all over the world to develop their Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) priorities and secure their right to self-determination. Cultural Survival and First Peoples Worldwide have published Securing Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Self-Determination: A Guide on Free,… Read more »

Standing with Atahualpa

Addressing the Roots of the Climate Crisis By Jed Koball | Joining Hands Catalyst for Extractive industries, Human Rights, and the Environment Get gold, humanely if possible, but at all costs get gold! – King Ferdinand of Spain, 1511 First, they came for the gold. In 1532, Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador, stood face to face… Read more »

Conflict harms livelihoods in Cameroon

The Anglophone crisis and Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to negatively impact food security and subsistence By Jaff Bamenjo and Enjema Esunge | RELUFA Nkah Ngu Loveline, a 42-year-old petti food stuff trader, originally from Bali-Nyonga in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, sells her goods in Obili, a popular neighborhood in Yaounde, the capital of… Read more »

Doctrine granted Europeans right to indigenous nations

Cruel land thefts continue 500 years later, taking livelihoods and lives By Cindy Corell | Mission Co-worker Haiti Five rooms of the house had been laid out. Cinder blocks outlined the home; some walls were as high as an adult. Room-by-room, block-by-block, Rita Lucas and her family were building a new house. It had taken… Read more »

Network Invites Us to Build Harmony, Bring Justice

Global Solidarity Network Provides Spaces to Learn, Serve Globally and at Home By Cindy Corell, mission co-worker in Haiti, and Jed Koball, mission co-worker in Peru   *This article was originally published in the PHP Post Summer 2023 Issue It is nearly impossible to start the day without laying your hands on something — some… Read more »

The 2022 PHP Impact Report is Available!

Learn how your gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing and the Presbyterian Hunger Program made a difference in 2022. Printable as an 11×17 page, the Impact Report is also the centerfold of the summer 2023 PHP Post. Download PDF     The work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program is possible thanks to your… Read more »

The Summer 2023 PHP Post is Available!

In the Addressing Root Causes issue… Holy Glimpses of Impact Tamales, Wheels & Axes Network Invites Us to Build Harmony, Bring Justice Planting Wetland Grasses as an Act of Love and Care How Congregations Are Increasing Affordable Housing and Addressing Unhoused Populations Conflict and Climate Change Push Millions Close to Famine in Somalia Hunger Action… Read more »

Take Action on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

By Eileen Schuhmann | Presbyterian Hunger Program Staff Negotiations for the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) are set to begin in early May. This is not a traditional trade agreement, it is an economic arrangement, rather than a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), meaning that it won’t increase market access or reduce tariffs, but it has the… Read more »