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‘Solidarity Hour’ offers blueprint for opposing mining project on Native American sacred land

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church offers support to Amah Mutsun Tribal Band by Darla Carter | Presbyterian News Service *Originally published by the Presbyterian News Service A series of conversations on how to take meaningful action to undo the harms of the Doctrine of Discovery continued this week with a spotlight on opposition to a proposed open-pit mine on… Read more »

Improved stoves and water filtration in the Bamboutos Mountains

By Simone Mboule | ACREST, Cameroon The Bamboutos Mountains are a marvel, a volcanic massif stretches across three regions of Cameroon at an altitude of 2300m. The mountains serve as Cameroon’s second most important hydrological basin after the Adamawa Plateau. The mountains are also an attractive tourist site. However, human activities such as agriculture, livestock… Read more »

Peasant movement filled with farmers who fight for rights

By Cindy Corell | Joining Hands Land, Food and Agribusiness Concerns “Whole cultures of farming, of weaving and knitting, of cooking, preserving and fermenting, of storytelling and music-making, have grown out of the peasant family’s struggle to keep body and mind alive in hard times. What the skeleton is to anatomy, the peasant is to… Read more »

Sri Lankans and Palestinians in common struggle for human rights

By Herman Kumara| Chairperson, Praja Abilasha Land Rights Network   Hunger, starvation, poverty, water and electricity scarcity, oppression, occupation, and violation of fundamental human rights are common to both Sri Lankan and Palestinian peoples. It has been 75 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), yet, both countries continue to… Read more »

Transition minerals at heart of the war in DR Congo

By Elie Kadima | POM, Joining Hands DR Congo The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a country in Central Africa with a surface area of 2,345,000 square kilometers. A country rich in natural resources, it is a geological marvel, containing over 70% of the minerals the world needs for electronics and green energy transition…. Read more »

Christians called to challenge settler violence in Palestine

By Cody O’Rouke | Good Shepherd Collective With Ramadan quickly approaching, what should be a time of community and family gatherings for millions of Palestinians, will no doubt be one of mourning. The Israeli government is now preparing to restrict West Bank Palestinians aged 10-60 from entering the mosque during Ramadan — which will undoubtedly… Read more »

Clean and safe water for families on Zapatera Island

By Jaime Enrique Muñoz Hernández | Asociación Fénix, Nicaragua The families of the San Miguel community, located on Zapatera Island in Nicaragua, have always relied on Lake Cocibolca (or Lake Nicaragua) for water despite its high levels of contamination. The lake is the largest in Central America. Several rivers flow into this lake, which, as… Read more »

For the past decade, Presbyterian Hunger Program has partnered with a Gaza organization working on food security

By Eileen Schuhmann | Presbyterian Hunger Program The Presbyterian Hunger Program has been supporting its partner Improvement and Development for Communities Center (IDCO) in Gaza since 2014 in IDCO’s efforts to improve the food security situation for Gazans. Back in 2014, food insecurity levels in the Gaza Strip had already exceeded 57%, with more than 36% of Gazans being severely food… Read more »

10th Annual March to Save Oak Flat

February 15-18, 2024 The Apache Stronghold organizes a run/march every February to gather community, neighbors, and allies in prayerful action to support the protection of the sacred lands of Oak Flat and beyond. Oak Flat is at risk of destruction by Resolution Copper, a United States subsidiary of the Australian mining companies BHP and Rio… Read more »