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The Plight of Widows in Rural Malawi

By Dr. Fletcher Padoko | Kasupe Ministries, Malawi On June 23, the United Nations observes International Widows Day to lift up the voices and experiences of widows. The widows in rural Malawi consider themselves abundantly blessed even if they only receive half a meal in a day. They can go for days on end without… Read more »

Intercessory Prayer for World Refugee Day 2021

Republished from the original with the permission of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance   One:  On this World Refugee Day, we pray for those who have been displaced by war, persecution, human rights abuses, natural disasters, corrupt governments acting with impunity and other forms of violence and oppression. All:  You, O LORD, are a stronghold for… Read more »

Sexual Violence and Conflict in South Sudan

By Angelina Nyajima Simon | Hope Restoration South Sudan On June 19, we observe the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. According to a report by the United Nations Secretary General issued on  March 30, 2021, 193 cases of conflict-related sexual violence affecting 142 women, 46 girls and 5 men were… Read more »

Video: Partner Stories from Yemen

Hear from people displaced by the war in Yemen. Their families have benefited from different livelihood improvement initiatives implemented by Generations Without Qat, with the support of the Presbyterian Hunger Program and One Great Hour of Sharing funding. 7 minutes. The work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program is possible thanks to your gifts to One Great… Read more »

2020 PHP Impact Report is Available!

Learn how your gifts to the Presbyterian Hunger Program made a difference in 2019. Front/back can be printed from your computer or emailed to share with your congregation. Download the report here The work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program is possible thanks to your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing.

Fighting Poverty and Extinction in Madagascar

World Environment Day, June 5 By Dan Turk, Mission Co-worker Madagascar and Rolland Razafiarison, Technical Manager FVEE This century, Madagascar faces two major challenges: lifting its people out of poverty and preventing the extinction of its unique plants and animals. These challenges compete for assistance funds and often seem to be at cross purposes. Some of… Read more »

PHP Post Spring 2021 Edition Available!

PHP and Matthew 25 Issue The Presbyterian Hunger Program’s alignment with Matthew 25 is outlined in the centerspread of this PHP Post. Also featured in this edition are: Land is the basis of freedom Fighting colonialism and poverty globally A Peaceful Path Download the PHP & Matthew 25 poster Download the PHP Post  

Celebrating Agroecology on the International Day of Biological Diversity!

“We’re part of the solution!” By Andrew Kang Bartlett | Presbyterian Hunger Program … is the slogan for this year’s UN International Day of Biological Diversity, which the world has been celebrated on May 22, since 1993. The International Day for Biological Diversity bolsters the Sustainable Development Goals and highlights the United Nations’ Convention on… Read more »

Gaza under attack, the joy of Eid ends in fear

By Rajeh Abbas | Improvement & Development for Communities Center (IDCO), Gaza The Palestinians are welcoming Eid with strikes of death. Ramadan, the holy Month of Muslims, finished and Eid-al-Fitr arrived. However, Palestinians would not enjoy it as they should have because the Israeli occupation is bombing the people everywhere. Everything started in Jerusalem. At… Read more »